Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TRICKED: Good Time Goes Bad In Boystown

You may want to sit down for this.

A neighborhood man was shocked this morning after a stranger he met on the street and subsequently invited over to his house took his cell phone and ran away.

And, then, shortly after 6 o'clock this morning, the hunter became the hunted.

For a good 15 minutes, the victim followed the thief around Boystown in a Yellow Cab. From Addison and Halsted to Buckingham and Broadway, the chase was on. In the cab and on foot.

Once the offender escaped, the frisky victim went to the 19th district station, where he found little sympathy and decided that—considering the circumstances—he didn't want to file a report.
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  1. Now that guy should be in line for the Dumb Ass Award for the month of March. What could have gone wrong ? He meets up with a stranger on the street, takes him back to his house and now the guy takes off with his cell phone at 6 AM. Nothing like setting your ducks in a row for failure.

  2. Regardless of the circumstance (so the guy picked up a one night stand, not the first time that has happened in this neighborhood). What is with the cops giving him a hard time when trying to file a police report? The guys stole from him. The police should behave professionally regardless of their opinions. If they want to back to the break room and laugh about it, that's fine but they need to act as professionals and do their job when a crime is committed.

    1. If you invite a total stranger off the street into your home, the consequences are your own responsibility. That is not why I pay taxes to fund a police force.

    2. Were you there? Or do you just like to complain about things you know nothing about?

    3. > That is not why I pay taxes to fund a police force <

      While you may not like your money being spent that way, it is why you pay your taxes to fund a police force. Your tax dollars are also spent to hunt down people who kill some very unsavory victims; to deal with habitual 911 callers who want nothing more than a ride to the nearest train station (or worse); to hand shoplifters and pot smokers; to protect women who are high on crack from their violent boyfriends who are equally high on something else; etc.

      Yes, your tax dollars are spent in many, many ways you don't want them to be spent. This guy's problem should be pretty far down on the list of wasteful uses.

  3. The victim did not want to file a report.The police were more than willing to put it on paper.

  4. "A neighborhood man was shocked this morning..."

    Well, he was the only one shocked by the outcome.

  5. I won't believe for a second that 90% of the people that have visited Halsted Street bar have never invited a "stranger into their home" (after conversing with them at length) or been invited to a "strangers" home. You're fooling yourselves.

    Meeting someone on the street and inviting them into your home is another ball game.