Monday, March 17, 2014

THANKS: But No Thanks

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

You could probably make a few bucks wagering with certain people who are confident that Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day. Wrong. Pay up. 

Our 19th district received a little help from other districts as Wrigleyville's antics rolled into early Sunday morning. (Sunday's reinforcements were minimal, especially when compared to the small army that was brought in to restore peace in the hours following last year's Pride Parade.)

This brief exchange took place as the outside units were sent back to their districts at 3:07 Sunday morning:
19th district captain: You can cut the outside units. Thank them very much for their help….and there are 9 openings [in the 19th district] if you’d like to [transfer] in.
Outside unit: Not after what we saw tonight.
Outside unit 2: The answer is heeeelll no.
19th district unit: It’s only like this for the next 7 months.
Outside unit 3: You guys can keep it.
Well, at least the captain made the ask. There are currently 12 positions available for transfers in our district, which is now staffed by 126 fewer officers than in October 2011. That's 27%.