Sunday, March 30, 2014

TALLY-HO!: District "Loses" 4 More Officers To Promotions

The police department recently announced a round of promotions for patrol officers to the rank of sergeant and for sergeants moving up to lieutenant.

Our district head count will decline by four as a result.

One officer is moving on to become a sergeant while three of our sergeants are becoming lieutenants.

In reality, though, the three sergeants we're losing didn't really work in the 19th district (even though they are officially assigned here).

One of "our" sergeants was assigned to the department's forensics unit.

Another one of "our" sergeants was assigned to the north side area office and yet another one of "our" sergeants was actually assigned to work Area Central.

So, as you can see, even some of the dwindling number of officers that we're told we have don't actually work in the 19th district. They're just "assigned" here.
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  1. This is a common practice for the CPD and has been going on for years. About 20 years ago there was a shortage of police officers in the 1st (loop) district. The business owners were up in arms. The department transfered 30 police officers from the radio room at 1121 S. State downstairs to the 1st district. It all looked good on paper but what the department failed to say was that the same day all of the 30 police officers were detailed back into the radio room but on paper they were assigned to the 1st district. Smoke and mirrors. Same game - different players.

  2. All 3 of those Sgts making Lt were not working in district but detailed out as it is. U lost no one. Stop crying

    1. Sonuvabitch. It's almost as if you read the story before commenting. Almost.

    2. U lost no one. Hears an idea mister know it all. Try living here you dick

    3. I see we have a pro Rahm cop defending the fact that the 19th district is unsafe. I guess he is another Rahm McCarthy guy. Well hopefully he will be in the duece when Rahm and McCarthy goes

    4. Been to the deuce, its better than 019 now. Been all over this city as a matter of fact and I unlike all of you, am FORCED to live here if I work for this city. You have the option to move out.

  3. 19th district has about 50 police officers assigned there, but detailed out to other police units. Some have been detailed out for years. It is all smoke and mirrors.