Thursday, March 27, 2014

THREE SUSPECTS DETAINED: Has Local Burglary Crew Met Its Waterloo?

An eagle-eyed neighbor may have helped police catch up with a prolific burglary crew on Wednesday.

Detectives are now working to determine if the suspects are responsible for any of the numerous break-ins reported in Boystown and nearby areas in recent weeks.

Police responded to the 3000 block of Waterloo Court at 12:10PM after the witness reported seeing someone apparently casing a nearby condo.

Officers quickly rounded up three men, one of whom unconvincingly claimed to be "looking for an apartment." That ruse failed miserably when signs of an attempted burglary were discovered at the Waterloo address.

Later in the evening, as the three men cooled their heels in a police lock-up, another break-in was discovered in an apartment building on Barry Avenue,  about 50 yards from the Waterloo address.

Area North detectives are now looking into the possibility that the three men may have pulled off a series of burglaries, including sprees that targeted residents along Broadway and on Sheffield this month. A condo unit in the same Waterloo complex was burglarized this January.

Almost exactly 24 hours before the Waterloo 911 call came in, a resident is believed to have interrupted a burglary in progress on Sheffield Avenue, just north of Belmont. A witness told police that they saw three men drive away from the Sheffield and Belmont area at a high rate of speed.

The men detained on Wednesday were traveling in a car that is registered in south suburban Chicago Heights, but its make and model are different from the vehicle seen on Sheffield.
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  1. Good catch officers!

  2. All it takes is a watchful neighbor person not an elite team (for those patting themselves on the back) .... Officers get paid to work these kind of things. .. Nothing amazing about some one doing what they get paid for.

  3. 'Burglary' team will be standing on Clark St Opening day... In uniform - trying to catch burglars. Smoke and Mirrors

  4. Good catch witness!!

  5. THIS is what happens when the community gets involved and says something! Great going citizen! And good job for the cops to act quickly!

  6. Why is there ALWAYS someone discrediting anything good ?!!!!!!! Great job to ALL, witness and police. THANK YOU !!!!!!

  7. The Police can not be everywhere at all times, your former burglary team was phenominal at figuring out who was committing burglaries and spending countless hours locating and following them until they caught them. now they are on watches disbanded and wouldn't be surprised if their morale is in the toilet.

  8. The person who called the police on these dirtbags is an acquaintance of mine. Apparently he was home during the day and observed a suspicious guy in his building's courtyard, looking in the windows of several units. The "eagle-eyed neighbor" then went up to his unit, and continued to watch the guy. He called 911 when the guy summoned 3 other dudes. The police apparently found pry bars and other burglary tools in the car these guys were driving. The police responded within minuted, which is also encouraging!

    1. He and the officers did a great job. The first unit on scene was a one-man car, so he had his hands full for a bit.

      Ald. Tunney's new email "newsletter" gives a shout out, too:

      "Three people were arrested on Wednesday, March 26, in connection with an attempted burglary on the 3000 block of Waterloo. Thanks to a watchful neighbor who called the police and was able to positively identify the offender, the police were able to arrest him as well as the driver and passenger of the getaway car. These offenders have prior arrests and the detective division believe they are responsible for other burglaries in the area. My office will be attending the court date on April 2 and working closely with the CAPS Office and Court Advocacy Program on this case. Court advocates are citizens who observe court dates to show the prosecutor and judge that the community cares about the case. If you are interested in becoming a court advocate, click here for more information. Please email my office for more details if you would like to attend the court date."