Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SHEFFIELD: Two Break-Ins On The Same Block

Burglars have forced their way into two homes in the 3300 block of Sheffield over the past two days.

A resident returning home around 12:30 today may have interrupted an in-progress burglary of their apartment. Responding officers found the back door of the apartment unsecured and some of the victim's property lying in the alley. A laptop was left near the back door, leading officers to conclude that the prowlers were scared off before they finished the job.

Bad advice.
After forcing their way in through a window, the burglars made off with the victim's cable box and some dark blue luggage. CPD case HX198112.

Just 10 doors away, another Sheffield resident returned home Monday afternoon to discover that their condo had been burglarized. That incident was also the result of forcible entry.

Images: CWB reader "notacopok"

Fix It Or Nix It

After reading about the recent series of burglaries along Boystown's Broadway corridor, a CWB reader sent us a couple of pictures to illustrate the lax security he had to deal with as a tenant in the neighborhood.

Needless to say, if you see crumbling door frames, broken locks, or posted signs like this one at your building, it's time to reconsider your address.
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  1. I live on this block mentioned. How unsettling.

    1. To "How unsettling." Wake Up. Armed robbery with a shotgun at a 7-11 2300 W. Lawrence just now in 19

    2. How about that. Armed robbery of a 7-11 with a sawed-off shotgun. That sounds familiar.


      At least this yahoo is staying to our north (for now).

    3. This may be may have been the same guy that hit a 7-11 2300 W. Lawrence on Thursday night. Armed robber displayed a long gun and had a female partner. Then they hit a pizza joint 800 W. Lake with a long gone stated he had an explosive.

  2. I also live on this block and had no idea. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Oh, don't be late with your rent money. The landlord will charge you a $25 - $50 late fee. But, nothing will happen in fixing your locks on your doors to prevent you from becoming a crime victim. Keep those rent checks flowing into management while we give you nothing in return.

  4. Can you imagine the selling speech of a reality agent trying to sell a condo in this hell hole? "And the lake is only three blocks away!" Smile on her face not caring about your safety. 750.000 is the asking price. FUCK YOU

  5. don't give people ideas. all the locks in 19 work.

  6. Who the fuck steals a cable box and dark blue luggage?