Saturday, March 15, 2014

SHAMROCK FLAKES: St. Patrick's Revelers Come Rolling In

...and the St. Patrick's Day "entertainment" begins.

12:36PM - Huge party in an apartment, 600 block of Cornelia. It's big, it's loud, and people are urinating out the windows.

12:46PM - 2 Missouri residents cited for drinking on the public way in Wrigleyville.

1:03PM - Citation for drinking on the public way, 3546 Clark.

1:07PM - Woman down in the rest room at Casey Moran's. Ambulance hauls her away.

1:51PM - Michigan resident cited for drinking on the public way outside of Mullen's bar, 3527 Clark.

1:52PM - Disturbance. Sheffield and Addison. Additional unit requested.

2:02PM - Dust-up outside of Deuce's and The Diamond, 3505 Clark.

2:04PM - Citation issued for drinking on the public way 3500 Clark.

2:21PM - Order: Have party buses move on. If they idle outside of bars, the party will set up in the street.

2:25PM - Battery just occurred. Woman vs. woman at Roscoe and Clark.

2:37PM - Woman is thrown from a cab, has cut on her head. Ambulance en route. 3510 Clark.

2:39PM - Woman thrown from the cab is now refusing all police and medical services.

...And, on that note, we wish you a pleasant Saturday. CWB will have a full update bright and early tomorrow morning.