Saturday, March 01, 2014

NOTES: Items Of Interest From A Slow Week

Burglary Reports
An intruder awakened a man who was sleeping in his Boystown apartment Sunday morning. The victim called 911 at 5AM to report someone apparently trying to break in through a window. As it turned out, the break-in was successful as the burglar managed to knock over a grandfather clock before fleeing.

A sergeant handled the initial call and a beat car was later assigned to file a report. It is not clear if contact was made with the victim. The report number, if any, is TBD.

Other known burglaries this week:
• Wednesday - 700 block of California Terrace, forcible entry, residence
• Wednesday - 1200 block of Cornelia, unlawful entry, garage
• Thursday - 3700 block of Marshfield, forcible entry, residence
Goodbye and Thank You
Our district will be losing three more police officers after today. The officers recently submitted requests to fill vacancies in other police districts and their transfers take effect now. They are not being replaced here.

Police manpower in our district has been slashed 26% since October 2011.

The 19th district experienced its sixth RAP of 2014 this morning. A RAP, which stands for Radio Assignments Pending, is established when a district runs out of police officers to handle incoming calls for service. This morning's RAP was relatively short-lived, lasting "only" an hour or so from 5:19AM until approximately 6:15.

A First Time For Everything
The news is filled with reports of people stealing and robbing others of their Apple products. A Lincoln Park man had a much different experience on Thursday.

Police responded to a his home in the 2600 block of Sheffield at 8:05PM after he came home and found his neighbor's iPad sitting on his coffee table.


  1. In addition to the incompetent leadership at the CPD in our district, I think another unspoken reason a lot of officers want out is that they personally despise our neighborhood. You can see the look of disgust on a lot of their faces at events like the pride parade where our neighborhood is at its worst.

    1. Look of disgust ? I would shake my head too if people were acting like animals and not like decent human beings.

    2. My partner and I recently left and I can guarantee you that it had nothing to do with the neighborhood and almost everything to do with the leadership in 019, and the lack thereof. The effects of "the merge" are more evident now than they were when it happened.

    3. Its not disgust for your neighborhood, It is a great place to work, however it was better when it was split in 2 districts, when bosses where better and had knowledge, etc. Also the silly complaints when the Police DO their job. Most on this blog are supportive and it is noticed on the street, what is bad is the drunk idiots on clark, the drunk idiots on halted. Drink responsibly folks. I hold the folks on halsted to a higher degree than clark but they are just as bad, sometimes worse.

  2. Your woe is me attitude stinks. I can say that you are wrong in your assumption.

    A 019 district officer

  3. Even though crime is down, we're still entering RAP status. What happens when crime isn't down?

  4. Our officers are doing as best they can with what they have. As a gay man, I am grateful they are there.