Saturday, March 01, 2014

CHILL PILL: Robberies Off To Slowest Start Since 2007

We've reached the end of the third-coldest and third-snowiest meteorological winter in Chicago history and the crime stats are looking good!

This grid shows the number of robberies in Wrigleyville and Boystown
during each month since January 2001. The 10 best and 10 worst
months are shaded green and red respectively. More than 10 months
are shaded in each color due to ties. 

Data Source: City of Chicago Data Portal
Image: CWB Reader T
The primary measure of the problem on the streets in our neighborhood, robbery, is showing a 74% drop so far in 2014 compared to this point last year.

Preliminary records indicate that only one robbery was reported in February on Wrigleyville and Boystown's police beats of 1923, 1924, and 1925.

If that preliminary info holds, it will be the first time that only one robbery was recorded during a full month since February 2007.

Through February, 10 robberies were reported in the neighborhood this year, down 74% from last year's count of 38. It is the slowest start of a year for robberies since 2007 when only four incidents were logged.

Of course, the challenge will come when our weather clears.

Other Stats
Through February 21, citywide reported crime is down 27% compared to the same period last year.

The 19th district is down 29% vs. 2014 in overall crime so far this year, with the Wrigleyville and Boystown neighborhoods' overall reported crime being down 41%.

The Headline You Won't Be Seeing
There is one stat that is outside of our focus, but will be noticeably absent from headlines as we begin a new month.

While homicides are down 28% year to date, February's kill count is UP 35% compared to last February.

Shhhh. The mayor's jumping in the lake with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow. Don't ruin the moment.


  1. Too bad we can't have snowstorms and zero degree temperatures year round?

  2. It's about time Rahm jumped in a lake.

  3. There is also this:

    I find over the years that terrible winters generally precede very hot summers. So let Rahmy take credit now, taking us to be stupid as always. When the shit hits the fan in 4 months, he'll look all the more inept.

  4. The only good thing about the horrible summer we are going to have with the horrendous crime and the thugs taking over will be that this will be the nail in Rahm's reelection plans. This will get the people mobilized to vote him and his lying aldermen like Tunney out of office.

    1. Be careful what you wish for -- we might end up with someone much much worse, like a Joe Berrios or a Todd Stroger as next mayor.

    2. Agreed but we can always vote those clowns out too in 4 years. No reason we need to stick with the same Alderman and Mayor's just because we know them. We need term limits in this country at all levels of elected positions.

  5. If he buys off the Lincoln Park moms with a new school, that could cancel the affects of the anti-Rahm vote in Boystown. You think the limo Liberals on the Gold Coast are cognizant of what is going on and that Rahm is destructive fraud ?


    Here's an old classic that was probably played a lot at Berlin back in the day. It seams a lot like foreshadowing now on so many different levels.

  7. "Rahm is destructive fraud ?" That is brilliant and so very true. No time for crime only a dime. Stop socking us residents for more money in the way of tickets. What a mess he has made of this city. Our city. Not his.