Saturday, March 08, 2014

BOYSTOWN: Two Women Robbed; "Gonna Blow Your Head Off"

UPDATE MARCH 15: New information indicates that this incident took place on Roscoe, just a few feet east of Halsted.

Two women were robbed in the heart of Boystown near Roscoe and Elaine Place at 12:40 this morning by three young men who put an object to one of the victims' heads and threatened to blow her head off.

The victims were robbed on the north side of Roscoe as they tried to pass the three young men who were standing on the sidewalk. Wallets, purses, and iPhones were handed over to the offenders, who quickly fled the scene.

All three offenders are described as young black men wearing hoodies. The one who implied that he had a weapon was slender and about 6-feet tall. His hoodie appeared to be gray.

Recorded as an aggravated robbery in CPD case HX176471.