Thursday, March 20, 2014


For at least the 7th time since last Friday, a resident has returned to find their home burglarized in Boystown. Like nearly all of the other break-ins, the targeted unit is along the Broadway corridor.

At 11:25pm last night, a tenant returned to their apartment in the 3200 block of Broadway, across from Nettlehorst School, and found that they had been victimized. Just like five of the six residences before, this unit was forcibly entered.

Other break-ins reported along Broadway since noon last Friday include:

• 600 block of Roscoe
• 600 block of Grace
• 600 block of Stratford
• 600 block of Melrose
• 3500 block of Broadway

and, one outlier in the 3200 block of Clark.

Like most burglaries, these crimes are reported at the time of discovery, not at the time they occurred. So, it is possible that the break-ins occurred hours or days before being reported.
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