Monday, March 17, 2014

BARRED: Tavern Patrons Weren't The Only Ones In Hot Water This Weekend

Over-served patrons did not have a monopoly on bad news emanating from area bars this St. Patrick's Day weekend. At least two bars—one in Boystown and one in nearby Lincoln Park—found themselves on the receiving end of police service, too.

At 5:45 Friday evening, an arrest was made at Bonsai Bar & Lounge, 3503 N. Halsted, after two police units went there on a "liquor investigation." The exact nature of the violation at Bonsai is not known.

Bonsai's owner, Frank Elliott, was arrested at the bar in November after being accused of intentionally setting fire to a gay bar he owned in Oak Park.

Down in LP, Trinity Bar, 2721 N. Halsted, was found to be operating without at least one required license. A police officer recorded the incident as a liquor license violation in case HX185977 around 3PM on Saturday and a CWB reader tells us that all patrons were removed from the bar when the violation was discovered.

City records indicate that Trinity failed a city health inspection last Thursday and a re-inspection on Friday. Both failures are listed in city records as being "Risk 1 (High)" violations.