Friday, February 21, 2014

SECURITY BLANKET: Mounds Of Snow, Brutal Cold Keep A Lid On Robberies

This winter has been the 5th snowiest on record and only six winters have had more days with sub-zero temperatures. And that's great news for the crime stats.

One of the primary measures in which our neighborhood's street crime problem can be seen, robberies, has started the year at the slowest pace since 2007 and only one other year this millennium has begun with fewer robberies than we've seen so far in 2014.

Ten robberies were reported on Chicago police beats 1923, 1924, and 1925 during the first 45 days of 2014. Those beats cover the bulk of Wrigleyville and Boystown.

The same area—stretching from Irving Park Road to Belmont and from Southport to Lake Michigan—saw 34 robberies during the first 45 days of last year, the all-time high.

With a 24-incident jump on last year's record-breaking robbery rate, 2014 should show a decline in the category after three record-setting years in a row. Should.

Here's a look at how many robberies were reported in the area during each of the past 14 years, according to the City of Chicago Data Portal:


  1. And so Rahmy will say "crime is down", and look how great I am. Gold Coast Limo Liberals will fall for it.

  2. Just wait until we get into the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s ... the shit-storm of crime that is looming will be nothing compared to anything we've seen. I know it, you know it, Rahmy knows it, Tommy knows it, Vulgaris knows it. Be afraid, be very afraid. And carry.

  3. Bars will be offering a 10 drink special. Buy 10 drinks and they will unlock your stolen smartphone.

    1. As quiet as they've been they're probably hustling the stolen phones under the counter. But if you don't feel like spending that much on drinks, you can just walk to the store around the corner and get one unlocked for $30. Am I the only one that notices these makeshift cardboard signs in their windows? Car theft plummeted in Detroit in the 80's when they targeted the chop shops and collision shops buying stolen parts.

  4. I am having a moving away from the Cesspool on Halsted grateful to get away from the dump before warm weather....

  5. Anyone who doesn't think Tiny Dancer and McJersey aren't the reason we can't get more cops in 019 needs to read this. From secondcitycop.blogspot:


    No Police For You!
    If you actually pay taxes, don't expect actual police for your money:
    Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy made no excuses for his department's strategy of deploying more officers to higher crime neighborhoods, even if it meant fewer officers in low-crime areas.

    Speaking to Far Southwest Side community leaders Wednesday at St. Xavier University, McCarthy was asked about the number of officers assigned to the Beverly and Mount Greenwood communities.

    "We don't deploy as many officers to good neighborhoods as we do to bad," he said.

    Chicago's police superintendent said arresting criminals in high-crime areas can keep crime from spreading.

    "If they catch them there, they don't come to Beverly," he said.
    Well that's bullshit. Thugs go where there's less pressure on them, as demonstrated over and over again during the summer wilding season. And the gigantic spike in armed robberies in 019. And the increasing burglaries (thefts) in places like 016. And the muggings in 022.

    This guy spins more than a power station generator.

  6. Completely off topic, BUT....recently the CPD posted openings in districts so officers could transfer. Of the 48 openings citywide, only 8 were on the North Side (4 in 017, 4 in 016). Three (3) of those 8 openings were filled by 019 District personnel. To make a long story short (too late!), 019 just lost three more bodies. What does that say about the state of affairs in 019? Poor leadership, starting with the Commander and XO, right on down through the ranks, including a couple of moronic lieutenants, and more idiot sergeants than you can shake a stick at. One has to ask the question, why are so many people leaving that district, which used to be one of the best in the city? Leadership, or lack thereof is a front runner.

    Still at a net loss for the year.

    1. Yes and more will leave. Over 10 will retire this year as well. Good luck 019!

  7. Never fear. The thugs will make up for the January lull.

  8. The s**t hits the fan in Chicago after the 2015 municipal elections for the 2016 city budget. Chicago has 19 bil in pension obligations/7+ bil in regular operational debt & only 600+ mil in assorted TIF accounts which Rahm will never deplete as that's his main source of power over the sheeple we call alderman. Daley the 2nd spent all the skyway/parking meter billions plugging up past budget deficits so he wouldn't have to raise property taxes & left politics cause he had no more money to operate with. Rahm just added another 990 mil to the city credit line( w/only 4 alderman voting no-Tunney NOT one of them) in order to have some cash to operate the city past his re-election. By 2016 the city financially will be Detroit & either property taxes will have to start increasing dramatically and/or decreases in city services so today's police staffing numbers will look like the good ole days!

    1. People are already selling in Lakeview because of the property taxes and before the condos lose more value so it should be interesting. Hopefully I'll be gone by then but luckily only have to not renew my lease.

  9. The coppers aren't leaving the district because of bad supervisors. Most of the noses in the district are pretty solid. Sure there a few bad ones, but that's everywhere. I think most coppers that are leaving are doing so because 1) they are tired f dealing with the same nonsense on Clark street, halsted, Belmont/Sheffield day in and day out without help in sight. And 2) they are leaving because the seniority blows there. 14 years shouldn't land you on midnight watch. One should be able to get afternoons with no problem. Also getting crappy furlos with 14+ years doesn't help. Again, with no relief in sight. The merge didn't help matters either. So while most bosses and coppers in 19 are still a good bunch, it makes sense for some to move into greener pastures.

    1. You must be a former 023 person.

    2. What goof wrote this? Mgmnt in 019 is horrible! Morale is shot and no signs of any of it getting better!

  10. No no no! Ladies and gents u have it all wrong! The mayor and supt brought crime to such a low level this winter, the freezing weather and feet of snow had nothing to do with it. When crime skyrockets in great weather, who knows who will be blamed. Please support and back up your blue shirts that are undermanned