Sunday, February 23, 2014

SCAMMED: Another Victim Loses Cash In Electronics Purchase

A man gave a stranger $600 for a TV on Clark Street just south of Diversey Saturday afternoon, then watched the stranger drive away with his cash, never to be seen again.  The case is classified as fraud in CPD case HX160594.
Image: Hoax Slayer

Yesterday's incident near the Best Buy store at Clark and Schubert is at least the fourth instance of someone losing money to a stranger during an electronics transaction in the area.
On January 12, a victim brought along $1,200 to purchase electronics from a guy she met online. The guy took her money, walked into a Wrigleyville house, and never came back.
On October 7, a man was robbed at gunpoint in the 3300 block of Kenmore by a stranger who was supposed to sell him a computer for $1,100.
• On September 1, a woman who met for a Craigslist transaction on was relieved of $600 by a stranger who disappeared into a home on Surf Street.