Tuesday, February 04, 2014

RECAP (UPDATED): Monday Report

A woman called 911 around 1PM Monday after seeing a man inside the Broadway Youth Center who attacked her last fall. The man was gone when police arrived. Officers told the woman to call 911 if he returns. No report filed.

Michelle Wetzel, General Counsel of BYC's parent organization, tells us that the two individuals had an altercation last fall and that both had been at the center at the same time on several occasions since.

On Monday, though, the two had a "disagreement." Even after BYC staff asked the woman to leave the man alone, the female participant approached the man again and "they had words," Wetzel tells us. The woman "then said she felt 'unsafe' with the male participant and she wanted to call the police.  Staff encouraged her to do so."

Wetzel says that the center will no longer allow the two individuals to access BYC programming at the same time.

Burglaries Beat
Burglaries reported by residents on Monday:
• 831 W. Wellington - Resolution unknown
• 843 W. Cornelia — Confirmed burglary. No force used to gain entry.
• 3622 N. Fremont - Resolution unknown
At 9:06pm, a resident of the 3700 block of Lakewood reports two men pretending to be ComEd workers are going door-to-door. Both are male, white, and in their mid-30's. One wore an orange vest.

DISPATCHER (12:29AM Monday): "Head over to 10XX Grace. The caller says he got run over by a car. His  girlfriend accidentally did it when she was taking the car out of park.”

UPDATE 5:21PM FEBRUARY 4: Added information from Michelle Wetzel


  1. In keeping with the new kumbaya spirit of good neighborly-ness will BYC be assisting police in identifying the man who attacked the woman last fall?

    1. Oh Michael, you know the statute of limitations on BYC misdeeds is over by the time they walk out the door.

    2. It's a church so it is sanctuary, you know. That's probably why they want it at that location.

  2. This is probably preaching to the choir but I cannot emphasize how important it is to know EXACTLY who you are buzzing inside your building. My not so bright neighbors have allowed various strangers to gain access to our building without having any idea who these people are. I've had to repeatedly remove shady people from the building, including those magazine subscription people, the candy bar kids, people wanting us to switch energy providers, etc. The worst part? When I tell these people to GTFO of the building, they have the nerve to say they are allowed to be there because someone buzzed them inside!

    If someone rings your doorbell and you're not expecting a guest or a delivery, please do not randomly buzz people inside. You are endangering everyone in the building when you do this. I do not answer my doorbell for any reason unless I see the UPS/FedEx truck outside or I'm expecting a visitor. No exceptions.

  3. My idea for a "youth center"....school and then a job after school..that was my "youth"

  4. Thanks for the update on the BYC section.

    Fellow readers: a community group has formed to discuss and take action on safety issues, with emphasis in the Boystown area. Drop me an email if ur interested to physically helping. Paul.cfaslv@gmail.com.

  5. "at the same time". That's the kicker. Love that one.