Thursday, February 06, 2014

NO REPORT, NO CRIME: Robbery, Pepper-Spraying Incidents Go Unrecorded

Two incidents from early this morning give us a little taste of what lies in the warmer weeks ahead. Neither matter was formalized with a police report. As always, since these victims didn't file reports, these incidents won't be included in crime statistics because they never "officially" happened.

Crime disappears if no report is filed.
Attempted Robbery In Wrigleyville
Two robbery offenders fled empty-handed when their would-be victim's phone rang mid-mugging. The victim called 911 at 2:30AM to report the incident, but they asked to remain anonymous and did not wish to speak with police.

According to the victim, two men were in the process of robbing him near Waveland and Magnolia, a couple of blocks west of Wrigley Field. When his cell phone rang, they jumped into a black Chevrolet that had its front bumper hanging off and drove west on Waveland. The car was occupied by a woman.

Suspect descriptions:
1-Male, black, gray skull cap, tan coat
2-Male, black, red jacket with a hood
3-Female, black
The First Macing Of 2014
Ah. Pepper spray. It could be the official smell of summer in parts of our neighborhood. This morning, the first "macing" of 2014 was reported. The 1:55AM call came from a male victim at a predictable location: Belmont and Sheffield.

Pepper spray has become a leading weapon of choice, particularly among female muggers who "work" in our neighborhoods.

No report was filed for this morning's incident.
Image: CoValence Laboratories