Saturday, February 08, 2014

NEARBY: Multiple Fires Saturday; Device Found Behind Mayor's Security HQ

The Chicago Police Department's bomb and arson unit is investigating at least two fires and homemade incendiary devices that were discovered in Lakeview Saturday afternoon. One device was found behind an old firehouse that now serves as, among other things, the command post for Mayor Rahm Emanuel's security detail.

The first fire broke out shortly before 2PM in a portable toilet near Grace and Ravenswood.

At 3:20PM, a garage fire was reported on Ravenswood, a half-block from the previous incident. Firefighters found "a device" at the scene.

About 20 minutes later and one block away, witnesses saw a device being planted between two trash cans behind an old firehouse at Byron and Hermitage.

Officers describe the devices as Mason jars containing cigarette lighters and wires.

According to witnesses who saw the third device being planted, the offenders are two white or Hispanic males, about 19 years old, dark hair, wearing hoodies. One was pushing a "messenger bike."

One witness reported that the suspects entered a nearby garage, but officers were not able to locate them.

There have been no arrests.

Chicago Police Department case HX144010 and HX144256.


  1. Looks like another 10 Police Officers from the 19th District will be put on the Mayors Detail . . . .

    1. Well then, that would bring the number of PO's that he promised to put back on the street before his election down to 990. LOL

    2. Yes, I remember. Whatever happened to that campaign "promise" of 1000 police officers ? ?
      His memory is right in line with the old mayor...

  2. Rahmy has a whole building to house his security detail army while he is against us of having the right to arm ourselves to protect ourselves from the thugs he denies exist. Hypocrite.

  3. Every year that area has a arson problem.