Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MAPPED: January Thefts

Chicago Spectrum has mapped all of the thefts reported in our neighborhood during January.

You can zoom in to street level and get more details by clicking on any dot.

Theft, by the way, is taking something that does not belong to you without threatening or harming another person. Examples of theft include taking a bike off of the street, pick-pocketing, stealing a phone from a restaurant table, shoplifting, etc.  Thefts do not include the more serious crimes of burglary and robbery.


  1. Burglaries, robberies, batteries (simple too) and assaults (simple too) should be included to give a true picture of the area --- even if the map is just one big red blob.

    Those "simple" assaults = somebody gets their face bloodied requiring 3 or more days of off work are more serious than a cell phone or bike theft. ClearMap conveniently leaves them out of their default search as well.

    1. They map a different crime each week.

      Just to keep everyone on the same page, assault is threatening to hurt someone. Battery is actually doing it.