Sunday, February 09, 2014

JABBIN' FEVER: A Dozen Fights And Batteries Across Wrigleyville

Knocked Out
A Wrigleyville reveler who was knocked unconscious by a punch to the head fell under a CTA bus at Cornelia and Clark early Sunday. He was not run over. An ambulance transported the victim to Illinois Masonic Medical Center at 2:30AM. The incident is recorded as an aggravated battery in CPD case HX144569.

Cabbie Beaten On Sheffield
Multiple 911 callers reported seeing a cab driver being beaten by three men in the 3700 block of Sheffield this morning. One person was reported down in the 12:50AM incident, which took place 100 yards north of Wrigley Field. The cabbie drove himself to the 19th district police station and filed a report.

Offender descriptions:
1—Male, white, 5'11" tall, beard, black jacket, dark pants
2—Male, white, 5'11" tall, blond hair, glasses, black jacket
3—Male, white, 5'7" tall, dark clothing
The Usual
Officers were called to the ever-interesting Subway restaurant, 901 W. Belmont, after a witness reported that a man with a knife was fighting a woman inside. The man was gone when police arrived shortly after 3:30 this morning. Officers gave the woman a ride to her Lakeview home and filed a battery report in CPD case #HX144606.

The List
Here's a run down of the other "entertainment" district activity that kept our limited police resources tied up overnight:

12:31AM: Fight in front of John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark. "They're rolling around in the street."

1:02AM: Clark Street detail asks for an additional car at Exedus II, 3477 N. Clark.

1:41AM: Four men fighting outside of Roscoe's Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted.

1:50AM: Fight outside of Irish Oak, 3511 N. Clark

2:05AM: Battery in progress outside of Kirkwood bar, 2934 N. Sheffield. An offender is later found in the 3400 block of Seminary.

2:44AM: Domestic disturbance at Eddy and Clark.

3:00AM: Ambulance requested at Deuces and the Diamond Club, 3501 N. Clark, for a drunk guy who "fell down or got pushed down" in the effervescence of Wrigleyville. Transported via ambulance.

3:03AM: Fight in front of Stretch, 3485 N. Clark.

…and from Saturday morning…

1:52AM: Fight outside Dimo's pizza, 3463 N. Clark.

1:59AM: Fight outside Red Ivy, 3525 N. Clark

2:01AM: Man has kicked in a window at Red Ivy. One arrest for criminal damage to property. CPD case HX143316.

3:01AM: A resident of the 1100 block of Newport reports that someone has broken out his front window. The offender, a white man in his late 20's, blonde hair, 6' tall, 180-200 pounds, is last seen running westbound.

3:55AM: Two men fighting each other on the street at 608 W. Patterson.

4:02AM: Circuit Nightclub calls for police to handle a disturbance outside of their front door.

4:05AM: Two men fighting at Clark and School

CWB has also gathered additional information regarding an incident last weekend. A man called 911 around 3:15 last Saturday morning from Belmont near Sheffield and reported that a guy was following him and threatening to kill him.

The victim fled into the 7-11 store at 1153 W. Belmont, followed quickly by the other man who proceeded to beat him up in the store.

The victim was hospitalized with a skull fracture.

Recorded as a battery in CPD case HX135127.