Friday, February 14, 2014

FRIDAY NOTES: Belmont Thaws Out

Belmont Comes Alive
Four people were taken into custody in three separate incidents along Belmont overnight.
• One arrest at 11:15PM Thursday following a short foot chase of an individual from Belmont and Halsted to Belmont and Clark.
• Two arrests following an unspecified incident at Belmont and Sheffield around 2:30AM today.
• One taken into custody after officers on patrol observe a disturbance on Belmont and Kenmore at 3:15AM.
That stretch of Belmont is the epicenter of crime in our neighborhoods. The 19th district leadership dedicated a unit to conduct overnight foot patrols around Belmont and Sheffield in a fairly successful effort to keep the area under control. That "foot post" went away a couple of months ago, but with the weather thawing—56° next Thursday?—this may be a good time to bring it back.

Thursday Burglary Reports
• 3400 block of Halsted. The back door of a unit was partially kicked in at 9:05AM
• 3800 block of Greenview. Discovered at 6:19PM
• 1900 block of Belmont. Forcible entry discovered at 8:10PM
From Our Inbox
A couple of notes that came our way Thursday:
Word on the street is that Alderman Tunney wrote a letter to Police Supt. Garry McCarthy about police staffing and the letter was read to the 019th District rank and file at roll call… I think Alderman Tunney’s letter to the police supt. would make a great story for the CWB.  Of course it I wrote it, it would be in the following tone:  “Alderman Tunney: What took you so f*cking long?! .....and does anyone in City Hall take you seriously anymore?” 
Hmm. If true, the letter seems like something that the alderman would want the public to know about.

Another note:
My partner went to the alderman's office this week to review the [Broadway Youth Center] logs. The office assistant was out and no one else knew where the logs were, so he was told to come back.
I went in his place [Thursday]. The biggest surprise of the visit was that I am the only person who has reviewed them, which is why the staff didn't know where they were when my partner went. I thought for sure that with all of the caustic language and bitterness people would be taking advantage of this opportunity to see the public record, not that there's anything outrageous in there.


  1. Thanks to the people checking on the BYC logs. Let them know they're being watched. (Can we trust the accuracy of the logs?)
    And if Tunney's letter to McCarthy is true, that's a good start. But isn't Tunney high enough in the pecking order to actually get a meeting with the Chief of Police?

  2. what's with the letter? Just talk to the police chief any time.

    1. he probably wants it in writing so he can say he asked. alderman tunney, ask more boldly (not just in a letter), demand more loudly, insist more often and don't take no for an answer.

  3. Is this the letter you're looking for from Alderman Tunney to Police Superintendent Garry McCathy?

    dear Supernad McCarthief,
    Where did the cops go?
    Can i have them back?

    1. my dearest tommy. no you may not have them back because when you are voted out, which will be soon then chances are the new alderman in office would want to keep them new coppers. as for where did the coppers go, well we took them away from you and you did not utter a word of outrage so its a little to late. love garry, xoxoxo

  4. Your heard the expression "Time for some traffic in Fort Lee" ?
    Rahmy and the F.F. Guv Christie are cut from the same cloth - bot crooked, blackmailing thugs.
    So until Rahmy gets his Ricketts deal, though clever enough to not have any e-mails in his administration that say "Time for some robberies in Lakeview East", it is just as true.

    1. You're an idiot.

    2. You must be a mole that works for either Rahm, Tunney, or McCarthy.

    3. I wouldn't put anything past that carpetbagging megalomaniac.

  5. I got a letter from Santa at Christmas. Did I believe it ?