Saturday, February 22, 2014

CUT: Still More (Yes, MORE) Officers Reportedly Leaving Our District; 27% Cut In Manpower Since Fall 2011

CWB reported earlier this month that the Chicago Police Department posted 48 transfer opportunities for officers who want to move to new assignments. None of the openings was in our severely-depleted district.

Once again, our district stands to lose critical manpower as information from two readers indicates that officers will be transferring out of our district to fill three of the 48 openings.

This portion of a CPD document received via a Freedom Of Information Act
request shows the number of officers assigned to our district as of
February 2, 2014.
According to CPD staffing information received in response to a Freedom of Information Act request this week, 345 officers were assigned to the 19th district as of February 2, 2014. From that, it appears that we may be able to subtract 3 more, taking us to 342 officers.

Just over two years ago, the area was protected by 468 police officers.
This city document shows that 468 officers served here before the
old 19th and 23rd districts were combined to form the new 19th.
Source: City of Chicago via a Freedom of Information Act request.

That means there are 27% fewer officers protecting our district than in October 2011.

And that massive cut in protection came even though the mayor, police superintendent, and aldermen all promised us repeatedly that there would be MORE officers on our streets, not fewer.

ATROPHY: Department Offers Cops No Chance To Transfer Into Our District

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  1. Hey fellas,

    This is all part of the master plan to divert resources from the "good" parts to the "bad" parts:

    This coming St. Patrick's Day should be more interesting than usual given less manpower. Maybe 019 will be begging for help from 016 and 022 like they were last year during the Gay Pride Parade shitshow.

  2. Check out the SECOND CITY COP blog this morning and Supr. McJersey's comments concerning who gets police protection and who doesn't. . Again. Rahmmie the commie spits in TAXPAYERS faces and those who pay nothing get whatever buys their vote. World class? Obviously.

  3. "Do more with less" - that's the motto of our mayor and police supt. Now, can we use this motto on our checks and just send in what we think they deserve when we pay our property tax ?

  4. Here in Juvenile court we're getting virtually no cases from northside arrests .Obviously , crime must be down , and as we lose more and more ofiicers , I'm sure it will fall even more. As it continues to fall , we can consolidate more districts , lose more officers and watch it fall some more.Pretty soon we won't need any police , courts , judges or probation officers because crime will be down so far.The few juveniles who do manage to get arrested will either have their cases screened out , no filed , or dropped . The even fewer who do manage to get convicted won't really be punished since we're under a mandate from Preckwinkle to empty our detention center .The good judges and probation people at Juvenile know what's going on and are getting sick of it.

  5. Folks let me clue you in. As a police officer it ABSOLUTELY sucks working this district! And no it has nothing to do with liberal residents, it has nothing to do with the bosses (for the most part), it has nothing to do with the thugs. All of that is easy to deal with. It has everything to do with: 1. Drunken idiots who have been allowed to proliferate to the point that they account for most of the calls for service. 2. The departments policy to not send in new blood to the district, you do realize the average age of the typical tactical officer in our district is between 37 and 39 years old? About ten years older than the average age in other districts. And let's face it who is going to catch a fleeing 20 year old? A 25 year old cop or a 50 year old cop?

  6. Rahm and McCarthy have to go. They feel they are invincible and that Rahm has enough money to buy any election. Let's all unite and show them tgry the heart and soul of the people is bigger than Rahms campaign fund.