Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PAPER, NOT PLASTIC: Two-Time Boystown Bank Robber Strikes In Uptown

A woman who has robbed a Boystown bank twice struck in
Uptown today. This surveillance photo shows the hold-up
in progress at 2:44 this afternoon.
She did it again.

A woman who has robbed the TCF bank inside of Boystown's Jewel-Osco store twice in the past year struck again today at the TCF bank inside of the Uptown Jewel-Osco at 4355 N. Sheridan.

Today's robbery, which went down at 2:44PM, netted the woman $850 cash.

The FBI believes that the woman is also responsible for a bank robbery at 5343 N. Broadway last April. Of a TCF bank. Inside of a Jewel-Osco.

A surveillance photo from today's robbery provided by the FBI shows the woman is wearing the same fur-rimmed coat that she wore during the November hold-up in Boystown.

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IMAGE: Federal Bureau Of Investigation