Saturday, February 08, 2014

ATROPHY: Department Offers Cops No Chance To Transfer Into Our District

The Chicago Police Department posted another round of "recognized vacancies" on Friday. In plain language, these are the number of positions in each district that officers have an opportunity to transfer into.

The latest list of "recognized vacancies" within Chicago's police districts
shows no opportunities for officers to join our 19th district.

Image: Fraternal Order Of Police Chicago Lodge 7
Despite the fact that our  district (19) has lost 25% of our police force since March 2012, the department still does not "recognize" vacancies here.

Potentially troublesome is the fact that two "nice" districts—the 16th and 17th—have four opportunities each that our officers can try to land.

Four of our officers won transfers to the 16th district and 2 went to the 17th district in a round of transfers late last year.

If history is any guide, we will not see replacements should our officers succeed in transferring.

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