Monday, February 24, 2014

ASSAULT AND PEPPER: Cops Nab Serial Battery Suspect

Police finally caught up with a man who is suspected in a series of physical attacks on customers at the Walmart Neighborhood Market, 2844 N. Broadway.

And the guy got a face full of pepper spray to help him remember the occasion.

A sharp-eyed Walmart employee dialed 911 around 3:30 Monday after she saw the wanted man return to the store. The man resisted when an officer tried to take him into custody outside of the store and the policeman deployed pepper spray.

Police believe the man is responsible for a series of incidents at the Walmart store:
• A February 12 attack in which a male shopper was punched in the face around 9:30PM. The victim opted to not file a police report.
• A February 19 attack in which a shopper was punched repeatedly in the face. Recorded as a simple batter in case HX157015
A series of incidents around 10PM on January 30 in which multiple 911 callers reported a man chasing people with a baseball bat and knife outside of the store.
The man has generally been described as white, 6'2" tall, with dark hair and a scruffy appearance.


  1. Thanks to the police! Wish I could pay them back by hiring some more officers to help them out. But the city took my tax money and did something else with it. Not sure what, but it was undoubtedly really well-intentioned and directed towards the common good.

    1. I think they took your tax dollars and are building a stadium in the south loop for DePaul, a PRIVATE school.

      I went to DePaul and I am totally against this!!

  2. I wonder how long this whack job will be kept off our streets? He sounds insane and very dangerous, but I'm sure some idiot judge will give him a slap on the wrist, and he'll continue to terrorize the neighborhood.

    I hate being so negative....but it's hard to be hopeful these days. ; (