Monday, January 20, 2014

UPGRADE: Another Boystown Shoplifting Turns Into Robbery

UPDATE: The Walmart Express incident was subsequently downgraded from robbery to "retail theft."
A shoplifting incident spun out of control at the Walmart Express, 3636 N. Broadway, and escalated into a strong arm robbery Sunday. One man was taken into custody.

The Walmart Express incident is the second case in seven days of a routine shoplifting matter turning into a much more serious robbery situation when offenders fought back against store security.

Officers went to the Walmart at 3:25PM Sunday after a 911 call taker said she could hear a loud commotion in the background as store employees called for help.

The incident is recorded in CPD case #HX120348.

45-year-old John Adkisson is facing robbery and aggravated battery charges for biting, kicking, and spitting on a Jewel-Osco seurity guard who tried to stop him for shoplifting vodka last weekend.  Adkisson screamed "I got AIDS" during his failed escape attempt, which contributed to the more severe charges.