Sunday, January 12, 2014

BELMONT + SHEFFIELD: Man Slashed, Another Run Over In Gang Incident, Cops Say and the Chicago Tribune help solve an overnight mystery event near Belmont and Sheffield that CWB mentioned in an earlier report today.

As CWB reported, officers were flagged down at 1015 W. Belmont at 3:52 this morning after a man was run over by a car. The incident also involved a stabbing/slashing. is now reporting that police believe the incident was gang-related
During [a] fight, a man was slashed in the face by a male assailant. The assailant then got in a car with other people and backed up, running over another man with whom he'd also been fighting...
HERE is's report.
HERE is the Tribune's.


  1. Where was the Belmont/Sheffield foot post last night? There wasn't one.

  2. Hopefully Prince Rahm's minions put his blinders on again this morning so he can keep seeing roses.

  3. I am glad to hear gang members being seriously injured, hopefully crippled and permanently hideously disfigured.

    1. Speaking of gang members....I'm always wondering why BEING in a gang isn't a crime. Why aren't gangs considered domestic terrorists??? They should be.

  4. I was their and saw every thing