Friday, January 03, 2014

UPDATE: Lakeview Gun Arrest Involves Fully-Loaded AK-47

Further information has been developed regarding the man who was arrested in a nearby Lakeview bar on New Year's Day after police found an assault rifle and shotgun in his car as well as a handgun and drugs on his person.

CWB was the first to report this story yesterday afternoon.

Troy A. Waite, 25, was arraigned today on weapons and firearms charges. He is being held on $150,000 bond.

CWB has found that Waite's criminal history includes allegations of manufacture and delivery of cocaine and robbery in Wisconsin. Those incidents occurred in June 2009 and October 2008, respectively.

Prosecutors today confirmed CWB's exclusive initial report that one of the guns found in Waite's vehicle was an assault rifle and that the serial number on Waite's handgun had been defaced. The assault rifle is identified in court records as a fully-loaded AK-47.

Waite came into contact with Chicago Police after an employee of Will's Northwoods Inn, 3030 N. Racine, received a suspicious $20 bill and dialed 911.

In addition to marijuana, Waite's Chicago drug charges are based on his alleged possession of nine cocaine packets.

UPDATED JANUARY 6, 2014: Updated info on this story is available HERE.