Tuesday, January 14, 2014

THE "OTHER" LAKE VIEW: Our Ward Has The Biggest Robbery Increase, Smallest Crime Drop In Chicago Since '07

Percentage change in robberies 2007 vs 2013
in Lake View's four wards.

Wrigleyville and Boystown is Ward 44. We have the biggest
increase in robberies by percentage and incidents citywide. See all
50 wards' performance HERE
Well, we keep hearing about crime in Lake View being down.  Sometimes the spin artists will quote "19th district" statistics instead, just to mix things up.

Unfortunately, things in our neighborhood are much different from the rest of Lake View and the rest of the 19th district.

Of the 50 Chicago wards, our 44th ward has seen the smallest percentage decrease in crime and the biggest increase in robberies since 2007.

As recently as yesterday, the Howard Brown Health Center cited Lake View crime numbers as evidence that there is no problem around here, writing
In addition, violent crimes are down 10%, property crimes are down 30%, and quality of life crimes are down 50% over this same time last year across Lakeview.
And 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney was as proud as a peacock in his recent email newsletter:
Overall crime in Lakeview decreased by 17% in 2013.  Public safety remains my top priority, and while we still have a lot of work to do, I am pleased to see that overall crime has decreased in our community, notably with a 39% reduction in burglaries, 18% decrease in motor vehicle thefts and a 4% reduction in robberies.  
Percentage change in all reported
crimes 2007 vs 2013
in Lake View's four wards.

Wrigleyville and Boystown is Ward 44. Our decrease
is the smallest of the city's 50 wards. See how
all 50 wards performed HERE.
CWB has analyzed City of Chicago crime data to see how the level of crime reported in each of the city's 50 wards changed between 2007 and 2013.

The news for Wrigleyville and Boystown is sobering.

According to city data, all 50 wards showed decreases in overall reported crime between 2007 and 2013, with the average decrease being about 30%.

Wrigleyville and Boystown's 44th ward has the smallest decrease: 9%. See how all 50 wards performed HERE.

The city as a whole recorded 23% fewer robberies in 2013 than 2007. Our ward? We're up 77%, a far greater increase than any other ward in both percentages and in raw numbers. All 50 wards' performances are plotted HERE.

Party Pooper
While you'd never know it by listening to him, Alderman Tunney is but one of four aldermen who represent parts of Lake View.

If the other three alderman who represent parts of Lake View were to hold a "crime is down" party, they'd have no reason to invite us.  We're holding them back.

Without us, the other three wards would be celebrating an 18% drop in robberies since 2007. Saddled with us, though, there's a 6% increase.

Uh, let's DON'T do the Time Warp again.
In the other three wards, overall reported crime is down 34% compared to 2007. Factor us in, and it's only down 28%.

We're not naive. We have no problem with a little song and dance from politicians as long as, behind the scenes, those politicians are addressing our concerns.

In the matter of violent street crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown, we've been getting the song and dance without any behind-the-scenes head cracking for at least four years. Meanwhile, our neighborhoods' problems have continued to escalate. It's something we have labeled The Time Warp.

City of Chicago Data Portal

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GRAPHIC: Percentage Change In Reported Robberies For All 50 Chicago Wards 2007 vs 2013

GRAPHIC: Percentage Change in Reported Overall Crime For All 50 Chicago Wards 2007 vs 2013


  1. /begin sarcasm/ I certainly hope your information matches what Tunney plans on releasing in the coming weeks. He made mention at the SELVN meeting how we're down a large % in crime and that he'd going to be posting 10 years of data. Wed hate to find out the data doesn't match... /end/

    We all know the info posted here is from the Chicago Police Portal themselves. Anyone want to take bets that Tunney's information will look "better" than the truth here?

    1. There is no need for him to "release" anything. 13 years of data is already online for public exploration.


  2. Data/document dumping: this is typical public relations stunt to obscure the facts. Hide the facts like a needle in a haystack. Remember that public relations people give us _______ and they tell us it smells good.

  3. Can someone please remind me what year Tunney took over leadership of the 44th ward?

    1. January 2003


    2. Much better ward before Tunney came into office. Or was appointed so Daley could count on the gay vote.

    3. Not that I'm defending Tunney, but I don't think it was better before he came into office. In my personal experience, the previous alderman was unresponsive to simple requests, even while a big production out of how he was getting it taken care of. Sound familiar?

  4. It's gonna drive you insane!

  5. Not sure were to put this,but I thought others maybe interested. Rahm aka tiny dancer will be on CNBC tomorrow morning @ 7am

  6. "All is well!! All is well!" Remain calm and do not pay attention to that man behind the curtain.

  7. I'm not trying to hijack the comments but I don't know another forum to have this discussion:
    Who would be the ideal candidate to replace Tunney for Alderman?
    I've heard that current local business owners (like Tunney) make bad Aldermen because they fear retribution from the Mayor and City Hall if they oppose their desires. I.E., if you oppose Rahm, your restaurant suddenly fails a health inspection or your building permit is delayed approval, etc.
    I think an ideal candidate would be a parent, lawyer, prior experience in city politics (maybe a former district attorney) and ties to the LGBT community.

    1. We should get some people together to buy a giant Help Wanted ad in the papers.

    2. We don't have "district attorneys" in Illinois, we have State's Attorneys. Like say, Rich Daley, who ran the city into the ground. Don't think Anita Alvarez is going to solve any problems. In fact, a significant contributing factor to the crime issues in Chicago is her. Under her directive, ASA's won't approve felony charges when that's what CPD wishes to charge and then they plead everything out with little to no time served. That's why career criminals like that red haired bandit and the cross dresser alcoholic are or have roamed the streets so long looking for prey.

  8. Things must be getting really bad for the Halsted bars. Sidetrack is starting bottle service!!!

    1. Not sure what bottle service means? Dont they serve beer in bottles?

    2. lol bottle service = selling full bottles of hard liquor and some mixers to customers @ —this is true — about a 2000% markup. usually with a "reserved" table or booth. entry level booze for $300+/bottle in river north. i think minibar offers bottles for $200 or something.

    3. How does bottle service tell us that the bar is doing badly? I remember all of those South Beach bars doing the same - about $400 bucks for a bottle of Bacardi.

    4. Things are not bad for the gay bars just because of the crime. It's also due to how accepting society has become to LGBT. We don't have to travel to a "gay ghetto" to spend our large child-free disposable incomes anymore. Nor are we going to tolerate overpriced cocktails to drink around skinny meth addicts wearing banana slings just to be around our own kind.

    5. Well let's just say if the violent crime problems aren't fixed by tomorrow (which they won't be), this is TRULY "ghetto fabulous".