Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MAPPED: Details of Every 2013 Burglary In Our Neighborhood

Chicago Spectrum has mapped every Wrigleyville and Boystown burglary of 2013.

Zoom in to street level and get the details of any incident.



  1. Love how quick and easy it is to look up all of the burglaries of last year. CWB will always be the #1 stop to learn the facts about our neighborhood. An added resource will be back once again, EveryBlock will be returning again this Thursday.


  2. And the majority of these were cleared by arrest by your now defunct butglary team. Good luck in 2014

  3. So these are burglaries...meaning break-ins to homes or cars? Not robberies like to people on the street, etc? The numbers seem low. I remember robberies (and beatings) on the street anyway happening in different locations according to the blog this past year, but they are not on the map (like on LSD just south of Irving Park and also LSD and Barry). This is also info provided by the CPD not CWB. Please clarify, CWB. Thanks!

    1. Correct. Burglaries. Home and business break-ins.