Sunday, January 26, 2014

ENTERTAINMENT WEAKLY: Overnight Drunk Blotter

Arctic January nights have helped keep a lid on things in the "Entertainment" District. It seems that the drunken brawlers got a little cabin fever and ventured out Saturday night. 

Here's a taste of what will be tying up our severely-limited police resources in the warmer weeks ahead:

2:09AM—Fight outside of Roscoe’s Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted

2:20AM—Man says he was battered at Dark Horse Tap 3443 N. Sheffield.

2:53AM—Police paddy wagon crew calls to “get some [police] cars on Clark or we’re going to have a problem” outside of Deuce’s & The Diamond Club, 3505 N. Clark. Large group of "trouble" moving north on Clark.

2:55AM—Traffic is shut down on Clark between Addison and Newport while the area is cleared out.

3:05AM—Clark Street traffic re-opens

3:17AM—A victim reports that he was grabbed by the throat after refusing to give up his money to a man in an alley behind the 900 block of Newport. The assailant is described as male, black, 32 years old, wearing a black jacket and covered in snow. Police arrest one “combative” individual. The event is classified as a battery in case HX127933.

3:50AM—An officer is flagged down to assist with a battery in progress at Halsted and Waveland.