Friday, January 31, 2014

DEEP FREEZE: January Robberies Down 67% vs. 2013

EDITORS' NOTE, FEBRUARY 1, 2014: Below we joke that maybe someone would put out a press release to brag about the lower crime rate experienced during our 33-inch thick snow-covered, sub-zero temperature-filled January. We should've known that the CPD actually WOULD brag about lower January crime.


Thank you, Polar Vortex (and son of Polar Vortex)!

Living through the third-snowiest month in Chicago history hasn't been pleasant in many ways.

At least one good thing has come out of it, though. This month's frequently brutal cold temperatures and its 33.5 inches of snow have helped lower this month's robbery rate by—brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen—67% compared to last January.

Can we get a press release already, please?

The police beats that cover Wrigleyville and Boystown—1923, 1924, and 1925—suffered through a willowing 27 robberies in January 2013, by far the most of any January this millennium. As of midnight today, CWB estimates that there have been only nine robberies reported in the area this year.

Excluding last year's bumper crop of muggings, the neighborhood has averaged 10 robberies per month in Januaries since 2001.

As always, our standard note regarding CWB's measurement of robberies in police beats 1923, 1924, and 1925 applies.

The city formed our current police district by merging two smaller districts in March 2012. The police department redrew the district's police beats at the same time. Police beats are divided down the center lines of major streets and it is impossible to know which side of the streets crimes took place on using public data. In order to maintain a constant comparison, our post-merger statistics include robberies that have occurred on both sides of the current border streets during all years, so there will be minor variances from "official" city records. The border streets of the area are Irving Park, Southport, and Belmont.


  1. In other words, even though we have received 3x as much snow as normal and temps have been well below normal, the frequency of robberies in our neighborhood has been consistent with the recent average?

    Am I the only one not looking forward to Spring/Summer when the weather is nicer?

  2. Has there been a side-by-side of the Alderman's stats and yours? If so could you post it or point us to it? If there is a better way to phrase the question, feel free. Thank you so much.

    1. Comparisons are done and our numbers are shown to be nearly perfectly in line with his. Two exceptions: His stats combine the separate crimes of assault and battery. In addition to combining the different crimes, his stats do not include certain assaults and batteries.

      His stat labeled "Criminal Sexual Assault"(commonly thought of as rape) is not correct. In fact, that sheet shows a combination of Criminal Sexual Assault and Criminal Sexual Abuse. Again, completely different crimes.

      His theft stats do not include financial crimes, ours did.

      Stay tuned for a full comparison.

    2. I don't think it's really fair to say they are "his" stats like he made them up. They came from CPD.