Thursday, January 02, 2014

"BITCH": New Year's Robbery Victim Tells His Story

One of the two men who was pounced by the same group of offenders yesterday afternoon has posted his story online.

What's it like to fall victim to 6 street robbers on your way to the grocery store on a wintery holiday afternoon?

It can be like THIS.



  1. What a sad state of affairs in our neighborhood. I think I am going to start carrying a decoy phone i.e. go phone etc. when I leave my house in this area. It's sad. This neighborhood is going down the drain. Thank you for your excellent reporting.

  2. So sorry to read this story! Nobody deserves to be a crime victim! Just another example of why pedestrians cannot be listening to head phones. Still, it is the criminals fault.

  3. This guy's blog just shattered my last remaining belief that I could avoid being victimized. I was hoping because I'm a 6' tall guy, almost always sober that this would discourage being messed with. And, I never walk alone past midnight. And I don't own an smartphone nor talk much while walking on my crappy phone.
    If you read further into his posts, he mentions being a weightlifter who puts up a lot of heavy weight.
    So, my last fragment of feeling secure just evaporated.

    1. I'm 6'1" and larger framed. Two years ago a scrawny thug 1/2 my size was following me down a side street off Halsted. I crossed, he crossed. I let him know with actions AND words and he scurried back to Halsted. Unless he had a gun that was very brazen. That's when "I" knew there was serious trouble out there.

      If you can't walk alone after midnight then there's no reason to live there.