Monday, January 27, 2014


He's the man without a plan.

Wrigleyville and Boystown Alderman Tom Tunney’s strategy for handling our violent street crime problem in 2014 appears to be the same as his strategy for 2013: Pretend there is no violent street crime problem.

While the alderman is able to whip up Facebook responses for constituents who ask why he voted to restrict e-cigarettes and why the city hadn’t fixed “a hole large enough for someone to fall through” outside of Taco Bell, his response to questions about crime is remarkably consistent. He deletes the question.

One resident wrote on Tunney’s page last week,
Robberies in our ward have gone up 70% since 2007. SEVENTY. Can you tell us why our district keeps cutting the amount of police officers instead of increasing them???
The alderman’s response? Nothing. Although he did take the time to delete the constituent's question yesterday.

Another resident called Tunney out on his misleading statements about huge drops in crime across Lakeview while the alderman's own ward saw the city’s biggest increase in robberies and smallest decrease in overall crime.

The poster was kind enough to include a generous selection of CWB stories to refresh the alderman’s recollection of events. (Thanks, girl!)

He deleted that post yesterday, too.

Hey, we always say that people can delete whatever they want from their Facebook page, blog, Twitter, or what-have-you. It’s their space. 

But, if you’re the alderman who claims that public safety is your #1 priority, shouldn’t you be able to muster up some simple responses to questions about crime in your ward?

This isn’t Tunney’s first brush with Facebook’s “Remove” feature.  He did the same thing last summer

At least he’s consistent.

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