Monday, January 13, 2014

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Glass Breaks On Halsted; Jewel Shoplifter Gets Felony Charges; Alderman Responds To BYC Good Neighbor Status

Two more Halsted businesses had their glass broken overnight. It does not appear that either establishment was burglarized.
• Police were called to 3171 N. Halsted when a business owner found a window broken upon arriving at 7:45 a.m. Classified as a criminal damage to property in CPD case HX112449.
• Police on patrol found the front glass door of Cellblock, 3702 N. Halsted, broken at 8:15 a.m. Officers report that the second door in the double-door entry remains intact. No report filed at that time.

Jewel Shoplifter Faces Felony Charges
A CWB police source reports that a shoplifter who tried to steal liquor from the Boystown Jewel-Osco store yesterday morning is now facing felony aggravated battery charges.

As we reported yesterday, the thief tried to bite, kick, and spit his way out of capture inside the store near Broadway and Addison.

According to the information we've received, the felony upgrade came because, after repeatedly biting the store security guard, the chronic offender reportedly screamed "I got AIDS" in an attempt to win his freedom.

His attempts failed.  CPD case HX111576.

Alderman's Office Responds To BYC Good Neighbor Agreement Status
From our comments section today:
This is the response from Erin Duffy of Tunney's office just received via email:
"Thanks for your comments. The Broadway Youth Center has not rejected the Good Neighbor Agreement. They have made revisions to the agreement, which has been submitted to the SELVN board, and BYC will be distributing copies of this agreement tonight for the community to review and vote on. Alderman Tunney is waiting for SELVN’s advisory vote tonight before he takes a position. It is important for him to hear from the community and what their recommendation will be before arriving at a decision."
SELVN's published agenda (HERE) does not mention plans to vote on a Good Neighbor Agreement.


  1. If the BYC plans to distribute their revised Good Neighbor Agreement tonight AND get it voted on, they're obviously doing this on a rogue basis, because it's not on the SELVN agenda for tonight. The agenda was sent out yesterday morning. They can't possibly expect to pass this out, for people to read it there, and then immediately vote on it. That's ridiculous. They have had a month to review the Good Neighbor Agreement originally proposed, revise it, and get it out to the community. They haven't done that, and now they think they can just come into a scheduled meeting with a pre-published agenda and push their revised agreement through?

    This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. They have had plenty of time to get their revised agreement out to the community, but instead, they plan to steamroll it through without any review in a meeting in which they're not even on the agenda?

    This is a prime example of the total lack of respect this organization has for the people and residents of this community.

  2. SELVN will totally cave in and allow this vote tonight, one can predict.

    1. The vote is on the agenda. What I doubt Jan Sumrall (SELVN President) will allow is any last minute discussion on a revised "agreement" that the BYC thinks it can just spit out and vomit on their neighbors.

      I think Jan Sumrall is pretty tough. I'd expect she not even permit BYC to pass out their revision. If she does, then the whole neighborhood association of SELVN will lose any and all credibility right along with Alderman Tunney.

      BYC has made a farce of our once quiet and idyllic community. We demand it back!

    2. There are two very separate votes being discussed here.

      The vote on whether SELVN will support the BYC application for a Special-Use permit IS on the agenda.

      A vote on the BYC revised Good Neighbor Agreement, including the BYC passing it out and the attendees reviewing it, is most certainly NOT.

      And I agree that Jan is a tough cookie and she's certainly showed incredible composure and no-nonsense-ness the past few months. I respect the heck out of her for keeping her composure through some really tough situations these past few months. But will the new SELVN President be running tonight's meeting?

  3. The GNA won't be voted on tonight at the SELVN meeting. Except for sidewalk cafe licenses, SELVN has a two-meeting policy on issues requiring a vote. It is presented at one meeting and voted at the next.

  4. The GNA is separate from SELVN's vote on the zoning issue. Tunney can, and will, sign the GNA with BYC and have it in hand Friday at the zoning hearing. He doesn't need SELVN. Make no mistake, BYC will get exactly what they want from that GNA, and even though those things are virtually meaningless from a legal standpoint, it will put in writing a lot of what THEY want. Don't trust them or Tunney. The neighbors are getting railroaded.