Monday, December 23, 2013

UPDATE: Further Details On Violent Friday Attack

Some further information has emerged regarding a 3-on-1 robbery that CWB reported to you on Friday morning.
My husband was attacked Friday morning at the corner of Bosworth and Cornelia walking home. He was hit in the head from behind and then three men proceeded to keep beating him with telescoping police batons.
They took his wallet, wedding band, and phone plus a few small personal items.
The police were called by a witness and they arrived quickly, picked him up and the drove around looking for the muggers. They did not find anyone.
He is healing, but his knees are in bad shape (they focused the blows there). The description (it happened fast so this is very vague): Tall white male (primary attacker), two African-American males. If anyone has any information, please let us know. Be vigilant, do not walk alone.

We wish the victim and his family a speedy recovery.

Sadly, this story again illustrates the truly violent nature of crimes that are so often dismissed by the uninformed as "just" robberies.