Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TIDBITS: Package Thief Busted; "Bad Weed" Smoked

A woman who parked her car behind the 900 block of Sheridan told police that she noticed a man pacing in the alley as she entered her yard at 10:30 last night.

The woman said that the man suddenly hopped over the back yard fence and ran toward her, causing her to flee down the gangway to the front of her building. A man called police for her there.

Package Thief Gets Delivered (To Jail)
A witness reported a package theft in progress around 6:30PM Friday in the 700 block of Aldine. The thief told the witness to "stop bothering" him and then began walking toward Broadway.

Officers caught up with the suspect in the 400 block of Melrose with the assistance of the observant neighbor. They quickly determined that he had property from several addresses including those in the 800 block of Aldine, the 900 block of Belmont, and the 3200 block of Wilton.

He was described as being male, black, about 50 years old, wearing a dark vest with silver stripes across the back and jeans.

Multiple case reports are expected, including HW561483 for the Wilton theft.

Lighter Side
Monday, December 9, 7:31PM—Dispatcher: "See [caller] at 3459 N. Halsted at Tulip's sex store. He's having a problem with the store employee refusing to give him a refund. He's very eager. He's called like 6 times."

Tuesday, December 10, 8:06PM—Dispatcher: "Ride with EMS. 7XX Grace. Apartment X. Caller says his boyfriend called the police on him because they both smoked some bad weed. Fire's rolling."


  1. can somebody post the mugshot of the package thief?

    Great work officers.

  2. Bad weed? HAHAHAHHA. I love when people have paranoid freak outs not realizing that there is no way to O.D. on pot - unless it's laced with PCP or something.

  3. Re the package thief - I live on the 800 Block of Aldine, and had packages stolen. SO happy to hear they got this scumbag! Do you think I can reclaim my stolen goods if they're still there?

    1. Contact the 19th district station. They inventory and store recovered property all of the time.

  4. Is there a local forum that one can report on bad weed?

  5. Hmmm .. as evidenced by the date of this CWB post, the varmints really DON'T find bitter cold weather so appealing and attractive in which to unleash their evil mayhem, do they? May the force stay cold, then.

    1. The solution to escalating crime in Boystown/Wrigley... NOT cold weather NOT more lights NOT more video surveillance NOT changing bar closing times NOT more programs at the Center on Halsted.

      The solution IS restoring the police force to its former staffing levels.

    2. ....and 20 years of rain.

      The businesses at least acknowledging there has been a serious problem for years couldn't possibly hurt a recovery, but that would be bad

    3. Adequate police numbers? YES, of course! Goes without saying. I cannot fathom how the mayor and police superintendent live with themselves ,, evade speaking about this insanity while juggling the dollars and metrics in the back room this frivolously. What's it going to take? A 'connected' person who becomes a victim, and headlines splashed on the front pages? Their dishonesty and inaction ... the resultant lives put at risk daily ... are beyond shameless and flagrantly dangerous. So grateful for the poor, strained cops out there, doing so much with so little. Their stress must be immense. I never fail to thank them for all they do for us when I encounter them out there.

  6. This is infuriating ,,, and cruel ~!

    This company could recover stolen smartphones, but service providers say no


    Absolute Software could revolutionize smartphone theft retrieval, but AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular don’t want them to.

    For a $30 annual fee, Absolute Software’s team of ex-law enforcement have tracked down 30,000 electronic devices in more than 100 countries over their two-decade career, and recently tracked a smartphone all the way to the Dominican Republic, according to a Huffington Post report.

    Now the company wants to install its software, which can track and disable stolen devices, in the millions of Samsung Galaxy products using major service providers — but the providers don’t want the technology.

    I am confused .. what other carriers might Absolute be working with, other than the major carriers shown above? I thought those above pretty much covered the entire carrier spectrum.