Sunday, December 15, 2013

TBOX RECAP: Event Spawns (Relatively) Few Problems

The 13th annual "Twelve Bars Of Christmas" (TBOX) bar crawl that caused havoc last year was much less troublesome this year.

CWB estimates 11 people were taken into police custody for TBOX-related incidents. The city will likely record fewer "official" TBOX-connected arrests since several of the incidents took place outside of the specified event zone.

Here's the play-by-play:

2:34PM: Intoxicated men are reportedly fighting inside Cesar's, home of Killer Margaritas, at 3166 N. Clark. One offender is detained by an off-duty ATF agent until police arrive and execute an arrest for battery. CPD case HW570736.

2:51PM: A drunk woman in her 20's wearing a red sweater and gray skirt is stumbling westbound on Byron Street.

3:19PM: White guy wearing a red Christmas vest and a white shirt is trying to get into cars at Halsted and Belmont.

4:10PM: White male wearing green pants is chasing cars in the street at Clark and Newport.

4:54PM: Ambulance needed at Clark and Eddy. A woman "fell down and split her face open pretty good." Police opt to transport the woman before an ambulance arrives.

5:23PM: Sidewalk inspector! Man passes out and falls face-first into the pavement at Sheffield and School.

5:28PM: TBOXer arrested for reckless conduct involving a security officer near Cubby Bear at Clark and Addison. Case #HW570929

5:30PM: Another man is taken into custody at Cubby Bear for disorderly conduct.

5:43PM: Woman passed out in the bathroom at Bernie's Tavern, 3664 N. Clark.

6:08PM: Two men fighting on the corner of Grace and Southport. They are gone when police arrive.

6:13PM: Six ambulance runs have been made to Clark Street bars since 8AM.

6:44PM: Male white in a black sweater jumping in front of cars at Addison and Wilton.

7:06PM: Another person has gone down face first at Sheffield and School.

7:13PM: One taken into custody for trespassing at Stretch Bar & Grill 3475 N. Clark.

7:14PM: Another person taken into custody for trespassing. Addison and Clark this time. CPD case #HW571024

8:21PM: Fight at Houndstooth Saloon 3369 N. Clark

8:54PM: One taken into custody outside of Starbucks across from Wrigley Field.

9:01AM: Ambulance run—Woman passed out in the bathroom at Goose Island, 3535 N. Clark.

9:03PM: A resident in the 3300 block of N. Kenmore says an intoxicated teen in a Santa costume keeps knocking on her back door and blocking the entrance to her home.

9:08PM: The teenaged Santa on Kenmore is now "having a tussle" with a neighbor who tried to intervene.

9:11PM: Santa teen is arrested for assault. Case HW571101. Unknown officer suggests "Santa has too much tea in his box."

9:14PM: Arrest outside of John Barleycorn 3524 N. Clark.

9:21PM: Officers witness a battery in progress outside of Moe's Cantina, 3518 N. Clark. One arrest for battery. CPD case HW571128.

10:57PM: Ambulance run—Woman passed out in the bathroom at John Barleycorn. Hauled away via ambulance.

11:01PM: Theft of under $500 reported at O'Malley's, 3551 N. Sheffield. CPD case HW571195.

11:38PM: SWAT team witnesses a disturbance outside of Blarney Stone, 3424 N. Sheffield.

12:15AM: A woman says an employee just grabbed her and tossed her out of Cubby Bear. No report filed.

12:34AM: Officers encounter a disturbance at Metro, 3730 N. Clark. Details unknown, but it "has something to do with alcohol."

1:23AM: That woman who got tossed out of Cubby Bear says she wants to file a report now.

2:00AM: Ambulance run—Man passed out at the Chase Bank ATM, 3500 N. Clark.

2:49AM: Fight outside of Orbit Salon, 3475 N. Clark.

3:14AM: Daniel is at the McDonald's across from Wrigley Field and he's not drunk or anything and he's hungry and they threw him out…

Now, about the quickly-approaching Gay Pride Parade...


  1. This sounds like a normal Friday, Saturday night on Clark Street.

  2. Plus all the other drunken non-criminal TBOX events, too.
    At around 6pm Saturday evening, the costumed drunks inside the Golden Apple on Lincoln and Southport, including the young drunk male who fell from his Booth onto the floor, and the young woman who puked the length of the aisle on her way to the restroom.

  3. Sounds like a good example of what 'should' occur more often. An event got out if habd, the organization running it gets the backlash from the neighborhood businesses and residents, and responds. This year's TBOX was half the size and the org funded additional security at each location. TBOX feared getting shut down, so they acted. Seems like other neighborhood groups don't have that same fear...

  4. Just curious....with all these people passed out and/or "stumbling" about, can we anticipate follow up reports of missing wallets, purses and phones? Or why are people getting beat down for them on/around Halsted St.?

    Seems the packs of thugs would be having a field day at TBOX but that's not the case. Why is that?

    1. I thought the same thing as I watched a single girl staggering down Seminary at 10 PM. Perhaps the thugs stay away because of increased security for TBOX or the thought of getting caught by a pack of drunk Santas and torn to shreds.

  5. Just stopped by the Wrigley Starbucks for my morning shot and spoke with a barista about yesterday. She was there morning/afternoon and noted TBOX was much tamer than last year, thought it might have had something to do with the weather. She saw all the ambulances coming and going but nothing happened in their store. Their restroom was “serendipitously” out of order for the day.

  6. I'm puzzled as to why CWB is so down on TBOX. Geesh...I fell on my face on an icy sidewalk yesterday and I was sober. It's obvious that the Pride Parade causes MUCH more mayhem and criminal activity. And TBOX only lasts one day. Thanks to the police staffing shortage and the unmonitored social service agencies, for 365 days a year Lakeview residents are subjected to roving thugs with the sole intent to hurt and rob them. A few people having too much to drink and letting off some steam on a weekend seems very tame compared to predators with nothing but criminal intentions mugging neighborhood residents.

    1. We're puzzled as to how you gathered that we are "down on TBOX." Our headline clearly states that the event had relatively few problems and the story ends with us implying that the Pride Parade has bigger issues that need to be addressed.

      Maybe you just needed a way to open the door for your rant?

  7. HOW can our idiot alderman give his blessing to this event each year??? Look at all the resources tied up to deal will the silly events associated with "TBOX" -- ambulance, police officers, et al. What a waste!!! Bill Tunney for all this crap, I say. Hell, he's rich, he can handle it.

    1. The bill should go to Festa Parties, 25000 tickets at $40 ads up to a tidy profit even after they provide marketing, security, and give cereal to Lakeview food pantries. I would bet that Mr. Festa contributes to Tunney's election fund too.

  8. Ya'll nailed it!

    " Town Hall District Cmdr. Elias Voulgaris said 11 arrests were made for incidents ranging from simple battery to drinking in the public way. "