Thursday, December 26, 2013

PLOTTED: Robbery And Purse Snatching Outbreak Mapped

As CWB has reported recently, there has been an outbreak of robberies in the area generally south of Belmont, east of Sheffield, and south in to nearby Lincoln Park.

It appears that the bulk of these incidents appear to be the work of two crews, one of which has most recently targeted women during the morning and evening hours.

The map below plots robberies and one connected purse snatching in the area from Belmont to Webster and Sheffield to the Lake since December 1. Icons may be clicked for date, time, and additional data.

The two green icons are based on CWB reports that have not yet been "officially" verified by the city.

This map does *not* include incidents that took place outside of the Belmont-Webster-Southport-Lake Michigan area.

You can jump to the map HERE if the version embeded below doesn't work on your device.

View South Lakeview - North Lincoln Park Robbery Outbre in a full screen map


  1. I know you are using "South Lakeview" to imply directionality, but South Lakeview is an actual place as defined by a neighborhood group that's been around 30+ years. The boundaries are Belmont to Diversey and Racine to Ravenswood. This article (or, at least, headline) might be confusing to some.

  2. Excellent point. We'll change or to southeast Lakeview. Thank you.

  3. but a lot of those are not in the robbery boxes. We're not supposed to patrol outside our assigned robbery box.