Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NOT KOSHER: Tattooed Gunman Robs Milt's BBQ

Milt's BBQ For The Perplexed, a popular kosher restaurant at Broadway and Roscoe in Boystown, reported being robbed at gunpoint after service hours Monday night by a lone robber who had a tattoo under his left eye.

An employee told police that the gunman ran out the back door around 10:45PM with three cash drawers containing a total of $948.

Milt's closes at 10PM on Mondays, according to its website.

The offender is described as male, black, 27 to 32 years of age, 5'10" tall, 175 pounds, with a medium complexion. He had a tattoo under his left eye, wore a black hoodie, and covered the lower part of his face with a black mask. He was armed with a black semi-automatic handgun, according to the victim.

Perplexingly, Milt's back door opens to a rather restricted escape route as there are no city alleys on that block. Getting to and getting away from Milt's back door takes a certain amount of planning or special knowledge according to one nearby resident.

A possible route of egress was found when officers discovered an open gate behind a building in the 500 block of Roscoe.

A police department source has informed CWB that there were "issues" with some of the restaurant's surveillance cameras.

This case is logged as a robbery with a handgun in CPD case #HW565115.
Image: Chicago Reader


  1. Can you say, "inside job"?

    1. And besides, that place donates all its $ anyway so what difference does it make if someone just takes it?

    2. Did you really just say that? What about the charities that would have gotten the money? What about the person who just got robbed at gunpoint? Wow.

  2. If they're still there 6 months from now they'll be selling BBQ ribs and "everything" bagels from behind bullet proof glass.

    They should have taken advantage of the cupcake frenzy. If they had a clue they would have re-opened that 1/2 block long laundromat to make a quick buck off of all the residents who's washing machines are inoperable because the coin slots have been busted off.