Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MONDAY BLOTTER: Boystown Thief Busted 18 Miles From Home; More

A thief wound up in jail after he stole a woman's wallet at Caribou Coffee, 3500 N. Halsted, around 8:15 Monday night. The offender, who is described as male, black, 20 years old, and wearing a brown puffy coat, traveled nearly 18 miles to get to Boystown from his home at 95th and State.

Nothing That Poor Lighting Can't Fix
Colorful suspect descriptions always brighten up our day. The good folks in Uptown provided us with yet another one Monday evening.

A security guard who tried to apprehend a shoplifter at the Uptown Target store around 6:15PM backed off when the offender brandished a utility knife with a "five- to six-inch blade," according to police.

Officers were unsuccessful in locating the perp, who may win the award for best suspect description of the year:

Male, black, dressed as a woman. 40 years old, very thin, wearing a women's three-quarter length beige faux fur, skin tight blue jeans, long brown hair, a skull cap, lots of stubble, and carrying a tan purse. Also, he has the guard's handcuffs attached to his left wrist.

CPD case #HW573201