Saturday, December 21, 2013

LIGHTER SIDE: Vivid Imagery

OFFICER TO DISPATCH: "Can I get an ambulance for this guy? I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with him. He's got pickles coming out of his nose."


  1. Here's a good one I heard the other day…(and a light jab at the manpower issue)
    Dispatch: "1914 take the attempted suicide at 46xx on Broadway..I know you're a ways off but you're all I got."
    1914: "10-99 squad, but it's 1400 (2 pm) and if I don't get my lunch soon IM going to attempt suicide."

    Apparently these guys and gals are running around without lunch breaks now because they are so under staffed. When you see one, make sure you say thank you! They really do work hard.

  2. I wouldn't relish having to be that officer!
    Wonder what was the victim's dill?
    What an idiot, not kosher.