Sunday, December 08, 2013

HO-HO-NOOOO!: Record-Breaking Robbery On The Way; 2013 Expected To Be Millennium's Worst

August and September calendars show the dates 
on which Wrigleyville &  Boystown
tied recent full-year robbery totals.
It won't be a record worth celebrating, but it's coming.

In the upcoming days, Wrigleyville and Boystown will almost certainly record their 234th robbery of the year, making 2013 the single worst year on record.

If that record is set, it will be the third record-breaking year in a row.

The neighborhood currently sits at 231 robberies for the year according to Chicago Police Department records and CWB reports this week HERE, HERE and HERE.

Not only have the past three years broken all of this millennium's records, they have sailed past old robbery levels at warp speed.

We tied 2001's robbery total way back on August 17. The 76 robberies since then are just icing on a very miserable cake.

2002's record was matched on October 8.

• 2003 on August 10.
• 2004 on August 19
• 2005 on September 1
• 2006 on August 11
• 2007 on August 4.
• 2008 AND 2010 were tied on September 14.
• 2011's total was tied on the Monday before Thanksgiving.

...and 2012's total of 233? Hopefully never. But making a Christmas wish for a 3-week break in the neighborhood's robbery business is probably a bit too much to ask of Santa Claus.


  1. So my question about all these robberies: what kind of consequence is there when a robber or robbers are actually caught (which is rarely)? I suppose it's more of a legal question, but I'm assuming it's a slap on the wrist or a very minimal punishment. People with a mindset and lack of any conscience like these robbers that can brutalize an innocent passer by are not phased by a slap on the wrist. They will be right back out here doing the same thing in a month. Yeah, it's great when these pieces of trash are caught, but realistically, does an arrest even really deter the same individuals from recidivating after they are told by a judge to "behave?" Please inform me if anyone has any insight into the process of prosecuting an aggravated assault. I have been a victim of a brutal beating on our lakeview streets and am frankly fed up and have no hope left inside of me because of all the politics involved.

    1. We posted recently about what has happened since an 18-year-old was arrested in January 2013 for strong-arm robbery at Belmont and Sheffield.

      In last nights' cases, the offenders are accused of multiple robberies in which they used a gun. That ~should~ make matters much worse for them.

    2. I know what I want for Christmas Santa, more police in my neighborhood to make us feel safe.
      And too all a good night ........

  2. To the first commenter, it depends on the Judge/prosecuters they get, their race and victims race/age, their criminal background, to the punishment. It's not like they are receiving probation or community service for armed robbery. Cook County justice is weak but "armed robbery" is quite a serious charge even here.

    1. I believe they will receive little if any punishment. There will be a plea deal. The victims won't show up in court out of fear. There are criminals out there with dozens of arrests who just roam free.

    2. Plea deal is likely. Not showing up "out of fear?" Please.

    3. Why on Earth does the media still believe McCarthy's bull that crime is down? CIB: You did such a wonderful job of outlining the statistics that this information HAS to go to the media! Please send all our media outlets this study!

    4. "armed robbery" is quite a serious charge even here.

      That is hilarious! Quick story. I work in the D Unit at one of the Areas. A buddy of mine was assigned someone in custody for failing to register as a murderer. Starting in 2013 convicted murderers who have been released from prison have to register with the state, just like a convicted sex offender. When a murderer does not register, he can be charged with a felony. Patrol had a guy in custody who was a convicted murderer and could not be bothered to register. Guess which year he killed another human being?!


      Yeah, "armed robbery" is quite a serious charge.

      Those convicted are serving some SERIOUS time in prison.


  3. Are you kidding?! This is the best news possible for the alderman and mayor! If we reach a record number of robberies in 2013 and have just ONE less robbery in 2014, crime will be down! Robberies will still be extremely high but crime will be down! A law enforcement success!