Friday, December 06, 2013

BLOTTER: Light Activity In A Slow Week

Monday, December 2
7:44PM: A fight is reported inside the Center on Halsted. Participants are then said to have "moved it outside on to the sidewalk." Police arrive and restore the peace. No report.

Wednesday, December 4
1:43PM: A woman reports that a man on a bike reached out and tried to snatch her purse near the intersection of Newport and Lakewood. The bicyclist fails to make contact and pedals away. Description: Male, Hispanic, 20-25 years old, 5'8" tall, slim build, gray hoodie, black pants, on a dark colored bike.

2:31PM: A resident in the 800 block of Roscoe reports that two men jumped out of a dark colored Mercedes and stole deliveries from a neighbor's porch.

Thursday, December 5
10:35AM: A man in the 400 block of Briar tells police that a neighbor who was very unhappy with his leaf-blowing activity poured a cup of hot coffee on him.

2:56PM: A man says that he was robbed at gunpoint near Waveland and Clark in Wrigleyville. Police cannot find him upon arrival. Dispatchers call the victim back and he reports that he got into his car and is trying to track the offenders down. He'll call back when he finds them. Offender description: Male in a gray or brown Chevy Impala. As of December 20, 2013, CWB cannot locate a police report that documents this matter.

3:13PM: A witness says they see a man running up Clark Street near Wrightwood with a woman's purse or wallet. No victim comes forward. No report.

3:18PM: A group of "children" is reportedly fighting near Broadway and Wellington. Officers arrive, but see no fight in progress. Contact is made with at least one person with an address of record in Aurora. No report.

9:43PM: A CTA driver is "struck in the head with several beer cans" while driving an eastbound Addison bus near Racine. Victim is treated by a CFD ambulance crew. No arrest. Offender description: Male, white, early 20's, black hair, long sideburns, light clothing, last seen eastbound on Addison from Racine.

10:07PM: Two men have just stolen a Christmas tree from a front yard in the 3600 block of Sheffield. No arrests.

11:05PM: A man is seen walking along, checking for unlocked car doors near Cornelia and Seminary. He is last seen trying to break into a white vehicle. A member of the Clark street entertainment detail arrests the apparent offender several minutes later outside of Deuces and The Diamond Club on Clark Street in Wrigleyville. Description: Male, white, black hoodie, black pants, black backpack.

Friday, December 6
5:39AM: Two trespassers refuse to leave the parking garage at 3224 N. Halsted when asked to do so by the complex cleaning crew. Two arrests.


  1. Do all the CTA buses have plexiglass or lexan shields, and do they normally operate with them shut ? Perhaps not the older Nova buses.

  2. Those leaf blowers are obnoxious.

  3. "3:18PM: A group of "children" is reportedly fighting near Broadway and Wellington. "

    BYC customers, perhaps?

  4. our business had to call 911 the other day cause two days in a row now we have had people tell us of a man standing outside flashing women! I think our flasher is back!

  5. LOL @ the leafblower story...I can totally understand why the guy threw coffee on him. A 2-ton automobile can run virtually silently...why does a leafblower have to sound like a 747 taking off?

    1. They could rake those small lots here within 3 minutes. The worst is the "building engineers" blasting those things for 2 hours to justify their jobs. I literally counted 13 small leaves he blew into a corner of the courtyard. He's just worried about having to vacuum 4 of them off the steps. They're like little boys with a mini-bike.

      Green City.

    2. They also have electric leaf blowers but they don't go vroom, Vroom, VROOM!!!!!

    3. Not to mention.....the gas-powered leaf blowers stink like hell.

  6. The psychological need to use a leaf blower and drown a lawn with hose (usually with a pronounced nozzle) is cured with 100 mg of Viagra.