Monday, December 23, 2013

BAD TO WORSE: Only 8 Police Cars Patrolled 19th District Sunday AM

What's worse than not having cars assigned to 8 of our district's 15 police beats?

How about not having cars assigned to NINE of our beats?
And having no rapid-response units AND a grand total of two tactical cars on duty.

That's exactly the level of police service we were given in the 19th district on Sunday from sunrise to early afternoon.

There were six patrol cars and two tactical units on duty to protect one of the largest police districts in the city of Chicago.

Red on this map indicates areas that had no police cars assigned Sunday morning. The yellow area was "assigned" to a police paddy wagon. In reality, though, the wagon spends the entire day hauling prisoners from place to place.

So, who's the police genius who decided that a morning with 9 missing police beat cars would be a good time to schedule zero rapid response cars and only two tactical cars to pick up the slack?

Upon seeing the ridiculously limited resources he would be working with Sunday morning, one police dispatcher sighed, "Maybe I should go home, too."