Tuesday, December 24, 2013

AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN: Yet ANOTHER Woman Robbed In Familiar Fashion; Second Mugging At Halsted/Oakdale Since Thursday

Forget that junk about cold weather being a deterrent against crime. At least three robberies have been reported in the neighborhood since yesterday afternoon.

Disturbingly, yet another woman was jumped and robbed by two offenders who fled the scene in a light-colored vehicle yesterday evening. The details of the attack closely resemble a series of recent robberies that CWB began reporting on last week.

At 8:50PM yesterday, a witness reported hearing a woman screaming near Halsted and Oakdale, just south of Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Within seconds, the witness saw two men jump into a silver or gray 4-door car and flee westbound in the alley toward Sheffield.

The victim personally called for help about a minute later.

The offenders are described as black men. One of them had short dreads and was very skinny.

This rash of incidents has played out in the area between Fullerton and Belmont, Broadway and Sheffield.

Last night's mugging is the second at Halsted and Oakdale in days. At 5:50 last Thursday morning, a woman was pushed to the ground and robbed near that intersection as she made her way to yoga class. CWB reported then that, "the offenders grabbed the woman, forced her to the ground, then took her brown Coach purse and iPhone 5. The offenders fled on foot and are believed to have met up with a get-away vehicle."

Monday's CPD case number is HW582303.

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Yet ANOTHER robbery went down at 12:30 this morning near Briar Street and Orchard, one block east of Halsted.

A man who lives in the area was robbed by two men who threatened him with a black handgun.

The offenders are described as two young black men. One has facial hair, the other does not. After robbing the victim, the offenders jumped into a 1990s light brown or tan Toyota Corolla and sped northbound on Orchard toward Belmont.

Logged as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case HW582435.


  1. I attempted to post a few months ago but was denied. Perhaps this has changed but let me give my thoughts on what is going on in Chicago. The incident regarding the woman being robbed on Halsted and Oakdale is
    exactly why I moved to Austin, Texas. Chicago, was my all time favorite city until 1999. I moved to CGO from NYC in 1982 and never once did I have fear walking anywhere in this city. That changed radically and there's nothing you're going to do, unless carry a legally concealed weapon! It takes less than 15 seconds to jump out of a car, hit you unconscious and take your possessions. The bad guys know this and within another 15 seconds, less than a minute, are gone. No amount of police will protect anyone from this behavior.
    I live in Austin where kids ride bikes to school, skateboards and bikes are left unlocked on lawns and I have
    zero fear! I'm sorry but it's because the bad guys don't know if I carry a gun and don't even think of breaking
    into a house. You will be shot and so the deterrent is there. Sad what I saw happening to Chicago and I still can't believe these horrible incidents. Only solution is arm yourself if you legally can.

    1. "I live in Austin...I'm sorry but it's because the bad guys don't know if I carry a gun and don't even think of breaking..."

      I also live in Austin and moved from Chicago in 2004. Belmont and Sheffield was one of my favorite places to go in the early evening and night. We have thugs here as well, but there seems to be an invisible psychological barrier restraining them from fully acting like thugs. I've heard it said that there are "tipping points" that get crossed that break down that barrier. We in Austin also vote for politicians, both local and national, who collectively enact policies and attitudes that encourage those tipping points to be reached, so I'm not sure how long Austin will remain this way, or if it will one day also be like Chicago.

    2. Oh, that's great. Carry a weapon so when the predators knock you unconscious before you can react, they'll be armed for the next robbery.

    3. The only people getting knocked unconscious are those who walk around glued to their iPhones and oblivious to their surroundings. I am always aware of the people near me...ahead and behind...when walking in Lakeview and they are not going to get a chance to knock me unconscious before I shoot them.

  2. This is the 2nd robbery at Halsted & Oakdale within a week. Good lord . . . .

  3. crime is down, rahmmie the commie said so.

  4. And a lot of you laughed at me a few months ago saying I would not walk the streets after dark or 8pm. This tourist may have to decide to avoid the entire area Wrightwood and north, which is to say I would simply motel myself out in the suburbs from hereon. Chicago itself is simply to uncivilized and corrupt for me.

    There's always Montreal and New York's Chelsea. The concept of a Gay VIllage is not obsolete, only in Chicago.

    1. Hint to tourist: your "gay village" is Andersonville.

    2. And we're still laughing at you lol. Please take the blinders off if you think Chelsea is safe in NYC, there have been many recent stories about the gay hate crimes going on there as well. At least in NYC the media (NY Post) actually covers the stories rather than play puppets to the bully politicians like in Chicago.

      I do agree with the comment about the gay village now being Andersonville. Boystown has been becoming more and more quite and irrelevant over the past few years. With the crime continuing to get more dangerous, I can't imagine many of the gay bars and other businesses nearby being open for more than 1-2 years. Soon all that will be left is the COH and Brown Elephant.

    3. We've been down this Andersonville stinks/no it doesn't road before. Further comments along this thread will not be posted. Thank you.

  5. Tunney? Anyone there?