Sunday, November 24, 2013

VIDEO: Our Manpower-Sucking "Entertainment District"

Every weekend, we post a long list of fights that hogged our district's shrinking police resources, often preventing officers from responding forcefully and quickly to major problems like street robberies.

This weekend's list is below.

For a change, we thought we would share some videos. These are street brawls and batteries in Wrigleyville, just like the ones in our weekly lists.

The videography is poor. The videos are, of course, violent and they feature language that is definitely NSFW.

However, they will give you a good idea of what our officers are dealing with on a regular basis.

Here's one. And another. And a third. How 'bout this one?

In fact, you could just go HERE and see all of the YouTube results for "Wrigleyville Fight." Set aside an hour or two.

Here are this weekend's beatings and more from Chicago's grand "Entertainment District."

12:56AM—Man calls from Starbucks at Clark & Belmont to report being punched in the face.

1:13AM—Officers witness a fight in front of Red Ivy, 3525 N. Clark.

1:55AM—Sluggers bar, 3540 N. Clark, is reportedly detaining a man who broke a window.

2:00AM—Clark Street bar at Clark and Halsted says patrons won't leave and they need the police to help.

2:08AM—A man says he was "attacked" by a doorman at Smart Bar, 3750 N. Clark. He calls a second time to say he's just going to leave.

2:14AM—Battery at F.O. Mahoney's 3701 N. Broadway.

2:33AM—F.O. Mahoney's says 3 white males are waiting outside for the employees to close up shop. Trio is dispersed.

2:45AM—"10 people" are reportedly fighting inside the always-lively Subway restaurant at 901 W. Belmont.

9:57PM—A man is reportedly beaten up and lying on the ground at Clark and Roscoe. Ambulance transports an "uncooperative drunk" to Illinois Masonic.

12:08AM—Officers witness and break up a fight in the street outside of John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark.

2:34AM—10 men fighting at Pauly's Pizza, 3515 N. Clark.

3:00AM—"A CTA security guard" is drinking booze inside the Subway restaurant, 901 W. Belmont.