Saturday, November 16, 2013

THE MAGICALLY DISAPPEARING ROBBERY AT GUNPOINT: Cops Leave Wrigleyville Victim To Help With Foot Chase, Never See Him Again

Robbed at gunpoint in Wrigleyville, but there may never be a report. No report means "no crime occurred" for the statistics.

After being robbed at gunpoint and punched in the face near Sheffield and Clark around 4 o'clock this morning, a robbery victim was driven around the area by police to look for the offender.

Officers then drove the victim to a Lincoln Park residence where he was apparently going to get some identification.

Moments later, the officers left the victim's location to assist in a foot pursuit of garage burglars on a nearby street.

At 5:02AM, the robbery victim called 911 again, looking for the police who were supposed to file his report.

The officers returned and waited, but did not see the victim. 911 called the victim back at 5:27AM and he said he would go out to speak with officers.

When he did not contact police within 10 more minutes, the call was closed out as "miscellaneous - other police service" with no report.

The offender is described as male, black, 5'11" tall, 180 pounds, wearing a bright blue DePaul winter cap, a black jacket, and blue jeans.

We have added the Sheffield/Clark robbery to our ever-expanding list of neighborhood robberies that have not been made "official" with police reports.

On Friday, September 27, 2013, a man was robbed at virtually the same location as last night's victim. In that case, the victim made contact with a tactical unit that told him another car would come to fill out his report. Re-contact failed and that robbery also does not appear in the CPD's statistics.

PS—For what it's worth, the two guys who stole bikes from the Lincoln Park garage were caught.


  1. Any victim can file a police report at any district station, by calling 311 or at, so there are plenty of options available. The officers did the right thing by leaving to assist in the apprehension of a burglar. Chances are, by the time they returned the original Vic was in bed sleeping it off. When he's up today, hope he takes the time to file a report.

    1. Did you even bother to read the story? It says the victim called 911 again to see where the cops went. You're quick to jump on the victim again with the assumption that he was drunk. Did you consider that he may have been AT WORK? Bailing out on a citizen who had just been ROBBED AT GUNPOINT and PUNCHED IN THE FACE is not the right thing to do.

    2. Actually, did you read the story?

      The officers drove the victim around looking for the offender. Then they drove the victim home. The officers don't have to drive him home, but they did. As far as the CPD's priority list, helping a fellow officer in chasing an offender takes precedence over a report.

      The officers did everything they could to assist the victim in locating the offender. They did not blow off the job by not showing up. They showed up, drove him around, and gave him a ride home. Unfortunately another officer was in need of help. The victim was secure and safe in his residence. It's unfortunate the officers had to leave to help one of their own, but that is much more important then generating a report number at that exact moment. Police have to make split second decisions and I feel this was the right one.

    3. Crime is down, said the mayor. Crime is down said the police chief. (The mayor's parrot.) Crime is down they all said. Now we know why.

  2. Could this suspect be a Depaul university student out robbing people late at night?

    1. It's more likely he stole the hat from a DePaul student.

    2. No, but the offender is definitely robbing people close enough to the trains so that by running through a couple of yards and alleys he's back on the train. These offenders have their route planned out in advance. They wander around all night/day. They know which gates and doors are open for a quick get away.

  3. Doesn't look good for tonight, heard there are 3 cars down on the late side, on a Saturday night.
    Where are all the officers that work the late cars? Looks like bosses might be taking care of officers again.
    We hope for a safe night for all officers out there.

    1. Wow you sound bitter!! Since you have so much time, why don't you bid off first watch.

      It's pretty obvious who you are......the guy that never produces, hits the hole and then wonders why he gets time denied. Grow a set and challenge the criminals walking up and down the street.