Sunday, November 03, 2013

RIDICULOUS: Dwindling Police Resources Tied Up By Full-Grown Children

The 19th district sat in "Radio Assignment Pending" (RAP) status--meaning that calls for service had to wait for an officer to become available--for nearly five hours Sunday morning.

The RAP began at 1:40AM CST and ended at 6:29AM. It is the 24th RAP that CWB has documented since we began keeping records in late June.

So, what were our officers tied up with? Things like this:

• Processing a "theft of services" arrest of a woman who kept opening a cab door while the vehicle was moving and then jumped out of the cab and hid inside of a Dumpster near Wellington and Racine. Officers were called by the cab driver as he argued with the woman through the walls of the Dumpster at 11:54PM. CPD case #HW518491.

• Security at the Taco Bell across from Wrigley Field detained a man who tried to steal a vehicle from the restaurant parking lot. Officers arrived, but they left after the car owner decided that they "only wanted an apology." No report.

• At 1:08AM CST, a man called police after he got punched in the mouth inside of Smart Bar, 3730 N. Clark. After tying up the officers' time, the victim said he really didn't want anything done about it. No report.

• At 1:30AM CST, six police units were tied up at Bernie's bar, 3664 N. Clark, after patrons and bouncers got into a sizable disagreement and the staff asked cops to remove people from the bar. Our opinion: There should be a fee for that.


  1. So police are being forced to do the job of bouncers at Wrgleyville bars now? What a waste.

  2. The police are summoned far too often for drunken fights. Let them beat the hell out of each other and be done with it. If they knew the cops won't come, they might fight less.

    1. The unfortunate thing is that robberies can look a LOT like drunken fights as victim(s) fight off or succumb to their attackers. We can't begin to count the number of calls that have been dispatched as "fights" or "arguments" that turned out to be strong arm robberies in progress.

  3. The photo reminds me of my last boyfriend.

  4. Put some of those overtime cops in our area PAlease!!!!!

  5. Unfortunately most drunken fights on Clark St are just drunken fights. The ones on Halsted/Aldine/Barry/Broadway are generally robberies.

    19's entertainment detail is put on Clark. Most of these bars already have private security. These would be the guys in all black with gun belts on. Most are wearing a knit cap that has some sort of police insignia on it. These ninja looking individuals do nothing except grab the police on Clark St to handle the fights. The security officers do not even have powers of arrest. Then the actual police officers are tied up for 2-4 hours on a stupid arrest.

    Back in the day , bouncers used to "bounce" people and those people would leave.