Sunday, November 17, 2013

RECAP: Two Snatchings Saturday Evening; Other Items

Two thefts were reported in the neighborhood Saturday evening, but few details are available.

At 6:10PM, a witness reports seeing a man's wallet get snatched at 820 W. Belmont as the victim takes out a credit card. It is unclear if police make contact with the victim. UPDATE November 23, 2013: This incident has been classified as a strong arm robbery in CPD case #HW536313.

About 45 minutes later, callers report a group of offenders snatching a woman's phone at Broadway and Briar. The group, described only as 6 to 8 black males, is last seen running westbound. The incident is recorded as a theft of under $500 in CPD case HW536290.

A Drinker's Increasingly Poor Decisions
Driving drunk was this idiot's first bad decision. She then managed to lose control of her car and crash into parked cars on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's block while a member of his security detail looked on at 11:58 Friday night.
Then, she decided to start arguing with the officer who saw what happened.

At least 7 police units responded to the incident in the 4200 block of N. Hermitage. CPD case HW535319.

...Lastly and Sadly...
Detectives are looking into the possibility that someone may have helped an ailing elderly man end his own life in the 500 block of Melrose this weekend. The man, who was found by a caretaker just after 10AM Saturday, was poisoned. Investigators are considering the possibility that someone may have assisted the octogenarian with procurement of materials or instructions.

The Chicago Fire Department's hazardous materials unit assisted at the scene.


  1. If course 7 units could respond by Emanuel's house but the entire city is short of police. Shows what and who the commander is interested on. Voulgaris and Rahm have to go.

  2. I just hope Tim in Lakeview ("I've lived in Lakeview /wrigleyville for 8 years and have never seen anything to make me think twice about my safety and/or well being.") didn't see the robberies...would not want him to think there is a dangerous crime wave out there.

  3. Voulgaris didn't send them there. Again the accepted lack of knowledge on how the CPD operates is telling. Rahm's valets, I mean bodyguards called for back-up and OEMC, dispatched the cars. Throw in a few squads who wanted to see what was happening and you've hit 7 cars. For the record, Voulgaris is probably among the top 3-5 district commanders in CPD. 019 could do a lot worse, so be careful what you ask for.