Saturday, November 30, 2013

RECAP: News & Notes From A Holiday Week

A woman who reported that someone stole her purse from a Boystown bar and then drove off with her car has been reunited with her vehicle.

Residents of the 3800 block of N. Racine reported a "suspicious vehicle" parked curbside with its hood up at 9 o'clock Thanksgiving morning. Officers tracked down the owner.

The people who reported the suspicious vehicle told officers that it had been parked in the same spot for nearly a week, long before the owner claimed that her car had been stolen.

Saturday, November 30, 12:13PM
Police were called to the Center on Halsted for at least the third time this week.

Gosh. That's so strange since the Center's spokesman told ABC7 this summer that
I can confidently say the individuals that are committing crimes in the area are not coming here for our services.
This time around, police were asked to remove a "transgender female" from the premises. Officers arrested the offender for trespassing. CPD case #HW553129

Saturday, November 30, 7:03PM
The Circle K/Shell service station at Addison and Halsted called police to report that a man who previously stole from the store had locked himself in the store's rest room.

An officer made contact with the individual, a 21-year-old white male, 5'10" tall, 220 pounds, wearing a red coat, whose last known address is the former location of the Broadway Youth Center: 3837 N. Broadway.

Manpower Issue
How short-handed is our police district? So short-handed that four of its 15 police beats did not have cars assigned to patrol them this morning. Among the areas with no beat cars on the a.m. shift Saturday was beat 1924, which covers the heart of Wrigleyville and Boystown.

Needless to say, when a district doesn't have 26% of its beats covered, things get very busy for the officers who are working. Dispatchers ran out of cars to handle calls several times during the shift.

The beats that had no assigned officers this morning are colored red in the map.

Quote Of The Month
A lot of the offenders are not from this district…My thought is to put a wall around the district and stop all the crap from coming in.
That is Commander James Jones of the neighboring 20th district, speaking the truth to a community meeting, according to a story on DNAInfo.

If our commander were to offer a thought like that, he would be labeled 15 kinds of an "-ist."

PS—The bulk of our offenders do not live in our district, either.


  1. "I can confidently say the individuals that are committing crimes in the area are not coming here for our services."

    Why hasn't CPD hired this guy yet? He can let the police know who is committing crimes in the area.

  2. I hate to correct you but I know for a fact that 1924 was working last night as I heard them in my scanner

  3. Try reading the story. We said this was on Saturday morning's shift.

  4. Why would a trespasser call from Center on Halsted call into question the statement about who uses the resources provided at the Center? The person that was arrested is not allowed in the Center because of prior actions, has been told to not come to the property repeatedly and insisted on coming in anyway.

    1. It indicates clearly that the COH attracts a small number of people that even it does not want on its premises.

      The big issue is COH's 100% denial of any connection whatsoever with any of its clients and criminal activity. Their position is simply impossible to believe and it contributes to the perception that the Center is a less-than-good neighbor.

      Also, the frequency with which police are called to the COH flies in the face of their position. It simply does not stand to reason.

  5. It was my purse and car that was stolen from the bar, Progress on Halsted. By "tracking me down" the officers called my cell number, which gave them when I filed the report (for which they were on the scene immediately). They were nice and calmed me down, I have to say. It was a very stressful time, and I felt extremely violated. I hope they still take a look at the security cameras and try to find out who did it. Around here, people know each other, and I'm thinking that someone is bound to know who it was.

    I also love how the story changes based on who tells it. My car was gone for a day and a half.

    Thanks again!.

    1. I just got a call from a detective, asking to clarify some details from that night. This reassures me that they are still looking into it, and trying to catch who ever did this. I really hope they catch these douch bags!