Sunday, November 03, 2013

RAPED: Woman Attacked In Belmont Apartment Building

The 400 block of W. Belmont as seen from Broadway on
UPDATE November 4, 2013 7:59PM: The Chicago Police Department has released a sketch and description of the offender.

A 24-year-old woman was pushed into her apartment and raped in the 400 block of Belmont near Lake Shore Drive around 4:15 this morning.

The offender is described only as male, black, and wearing a hoodie.

An ambulance transported the victim to an area hospital for treatment.

Officers have classified the attack as an aggravated criminal sexual assault, which indicates that the victim was physically injured and/or threatened with her life.

CPD case number HW518704.

UPDATE 12:52PM: The Chicago Tribune has picked up the story, but has fewer details than CWB at this point.

UPDATE 2:09PM: And CBS2 joins.

UPDATE 6:40PM: Now ABC7.

UPDATE 6:42PM: And NBC5.



  1. It's disturbing that many of the women in the news clips are still walking around with their headphones in while being glued to their iPhone. For the love of God you have to pay attention to your surroundings in this area, please be alert and pay attention.

    I fear many more crimes like this are going to happen in our neighborhood. The thugs have become so brazen now that they will only continue to escalate the level of violence.

    1. You know what youre an idiot and thats some fucked up shit to say. Im a woman and should have the freedom to walk and lisiten to music without fearing for my life. The problem lies in society and men feeling entitled to rape abuse and kill other people. So stop trying to fix the victims and fix the mother fuckers that are contaminating society. Fuck you. I have an ipod and switchblade.

    2. Thats funny anonomous what I find disturbing is you somehow blaming women as if they dont have a right to lisiten to musoc. Whats next we cant leave our homes? Well this poor girl was in her home. Lets get it straight here the VICTIM is not the issue, the issue is the PREDATOR. we as women should not have to give up our ipods. I read once long hair makes a woman a victim, being as the predator will search for someone they can easily grab. So to be safe all women must have short hair? You know that really disgusts me that you somehow found a way to blame this poor girl. Open your eyes she was walking in her own residenceand soneone snuck in and attached her she didnt have control over this situation and it was in no way shape or form her fault. How can you not realize the problem lies in the predator and thats who needs to be locked up in a cell with their rights taken away, with no headphones and not roaming freely on the streets. You got it backwards dude!

  2. More details in the Trib:,0,4262354.story.